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    • By govindsankarmr
      I am looking for a paid or free course online for LabVIEW instrument control that covers topic like  communication protocols, RS232. GPIB etc. Can anyone suggest a good one. Thank You.
    • By daoudi
      How i can to send the data through modbus TCP/IP (behavior of a PLC) and receive the data in other client computer with ( station , I/O ADRESSE)
      can you send me an example for this operation please.
      Thank you for your help.
    • By Shravan Raghu
      I have developed a stand alone application of NI myRIO for making measurements and the communication is with my PC via TCP Connection using the USB cable. I am using a python script for the communication. My application works fine and makes all the measurements i ask for. I wanted the myRIO to detect a close in TCP connection as my measurements take time and the myRIO does not realize when the connection is closed. Does anyone know how I could check for active TCP connection once the TCP connection has been established? Thank you
    • By liakofan
      Kello everyone!
      I have some instruments which i controll over VISA.
      the software has two parts: one GUI running on a computer and the program running on the PXI
      to which the instruments are connected. I would like the user to be able to choose the GPIB
      address of each instrument on the GUI, so i created a cluster of GPIB controls.
      My problem is that while the same cluster on the software of the PXI gives the posible addresses from the
      instruments connected to it, on the GUI it does not.
      One easy solution is the user to write the number of each instrument and manipulate the string but i hope
      there is a more "nice" way. Also if i create a shared variable it cannot be network, only single
      proccess, which might play a role.
      I am using Labview 2011 and windows 7
      Thank you in advance.
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