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Using Digital Signature Pads in LabVIEW

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Hey everyone!

I'm working on a test system right now that requires the operators to sign the test reports.  In the previous generation this was done by the print/sign/scan method.  During one of the meetings it was mentioned that getting around this requirement would be nice.  I recommended we look into a digital signature pad and see what would be required to integrate one.  I've been thinking about ordering one and just giving it a go but I thought first I'd ask and see who has done this with LabVIEW before.  I know someone has, I just haven't found the documentation online yet.  

Here's how I expect it would go:

1. The software prompts the user to sign at the end of the test.  

2. The signature pad saves the image location to the hard drive or provides it to the client through an API (any experience on how this usually works is appreciated) 

3. My software would aquire the image and save it to a named range in Excel using the report gen toolkit.  Currently my report writing tool of choice.  

4... Profit!

Does this theory match with reality?  What are your experiences?  Do you have any models you prefer to work with?  

I dug for a few minutes on this and didn't come up with much so perhaps a discussion on the subject is valuable.


Thanks for the help!


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why just do not make template excel create bookmark for  Digital Signature  and insert a transparent image of your Digital Signature into one of labview control item by using customizing and at the end inset image of this control in bookmark place?
i use it for my application and it work ! 

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