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LabVIEW and Blender


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Hi everyone

I'm doing some preparations for my future project, which has to display a bunch of different measurements on the 3d graph. Those measurements will be taken from IMU sensor and GoPro camera and based on what the user selects they should appear ideally on the same picture. The data from the IMU sensor will display the way that the object went and will be something like this. The images from the GoPro should be displayed after user clicks on some part of this 'road'.

I'm trying to use Blender to creates a nice renders of this "road" and paste images or video from GoPro ect. I've just started to use it and it looks amazing.

Have anyone used it to create some project?

What is the basic idea behind it? Do I have some .blend file that I'm applying changes and render it in the loop?

How does the communication looks like? How do I load data back in LabVIEW? Do I read the exported image, or I send data over TCP/IP?

I don't think I'll be using some big files, is the rendering fast enough to view it in picture control as I e.g. drag view to change the camera position?

Do you have some basic LabVIEW projects or some documents other than Blender documentation, that I can use?

Thank you for any information

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