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LVOOP in continuous process

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Hi everyone.

I need help regarding LVOOP implementation. I have gone through several examples and documents on LVOOP for quite some time, and finally decided to use it in this simple application. In my project LabVIEW application communicates between a PLC(local) and a server(TCP).I have used command pattern.For the server part i have created class and methods and it runs in a separate loop(i pass messages from main process loop). my problem is how can i make my main process using the same method? In QMH and state machine i can do it easily by checking condition and queuing next action how can i implement the same using OOP?

I have tried passing the next command in the current method. Is it the right way to do?

I am also thinking using a while loop inside methods for checking for validating conditions is it okay to do so?

Or should i use QMH for the main process to send commands to the server loop?

Or am i doing it all wrong?:(


LVOOP attempt.zip

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attached project, its under progress ignore errors.

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