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I tried to create a template based on OOP for QMH. During development I have been confronted with infinite crashes of LabVIEW so I decided to slow down with this project and open it to the community. I finished my working example and stopped for now.

So if anyone is interested to play around with the code, see attached ZIP file (LV 2020).




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My intension for this template was to fill the gap between the Actor Framework and standard QMH. I never wanted to recreate the AF. When I first got a look at the AF I didn't get it. After a tutorial on youtube I got the understanding of AF but I feel somehow a distance I can't describe to the AF. It feels like AF is free floating in Hyperspace or so. Because of this I wanted to create a template with some benefits of OOP but more grounded and I started this template.

And yes, AF is great way to get things done but in my opinion not very easy to understand.



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