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LabVIEW 2018 SP1 Released


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I had a hard time downloading this, but it could be an IT issue on my side.  The download would stall, and I'd pause, then resume to get it going again.  After installing with default settings, I launched it and got an error "error unable to open resource files".  I'll be performing a full uninstall and reinstall.  It could be an issue on my end or an issue with the release.  I probably should have tested this in a VM first...

EDIT: Uninstall and Reinstall fixed it, not sure if that means there is an issue with upgrade or just me.

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Thanks for reminding me.  I just tested it and yes the TDM Importer Version (as reported in Excel) now imports my TDMS files without crashing.  That was a major pain because I'd uninstall TDM 18.0.0, reinstall TDM 17.x, but in the uninstall some other dependencies were removed which then needed to be reinstalled...which by default installed 18.0.0 again.  Oh and it looks like the download page to this add-on was updated yesterday to the new version too.  Other fixes in SP1 I've heard are related to VIMs but am unaware of the details.

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Yeah VIMs are pretty buggy although I'm still back in 17.5. For one particular set (using classes of course) I've had to just convert every instance to static manually, else the exe won't compile. Fortunately I just use them as helpers at the very top level, and drjd's json ones haven't caused any issues.

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Yeah there are several reasons why NI's mistake here isn't as bad as Microsoft's.  LabVIEW 2018 SP1 wasn't automatically pushed.  An uninstall and reinstall fixed the issue, doing something like that in Windows is a lot more difficult.  And NI's issue isn't deleting data (that I know of).  Still crappy and NI is clearly looking into it.  That being said I have 2018 SP1 running on a couple machines already just fine. 

But yeah having the 2017 SP1 example doesn't instill much confidence.  Fool me once kind of situation here.  That being said I don't mind being a test subject when it comes to these things.  I updated as soon as I could and took the risk on a machine I didn't care too much about.

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So if it wasn't clear, this release had issues.  It wasn't intended to be the final LabVIEW 2018 SP1 and was an version between SP0 and SP1 for testing.  It was unintentionally released to the public and wasn't intended for the general public to use, and likely won't activate.  The release was pulled and if you did download it you are better off not using it until the actual SP1 release.  On top of not being intended for an actual release, and not activating, it also has a bug with upgrading from 2018 f2 to 2018 SP1 which is being addressed for the actual SP1 release.

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Wow, quite a bit of activity on this “release”.  Glad some others were able to notify about issues.  I also got word from NI that this release shouldn’t be used as it was accidentally published to the official downloads page.

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There is also already an SP1 f1 installer out....(3rd of December is the release date) Here: http://www.ni.com/download/labview-development-system-2018-sp1/7889/en/

So is that an update to SP1 that needs to be applied after SP1, or is it included in the "new" (hopefully) SP1...or?

Anyone who has been brave (or virtual) enough to install these already?😉

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Just compared the MD5 checksums of the 32 and 64bit 2018 SP1 I downloaded yesterday, they don't match what is listed on the download page now (with the new release date)

Also, the buildInfo.txt content of both the 32 and 64bit is exactly the same as the version I downloaded last month


(I must say, I have been running the 2018 SP1 the last weeks, have not run into any problems)

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