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2017 SP1 is out....(Update service did not tell me)


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Ah, yes.

I actually downloaded the full SP1 from a different web page, but found the f1 link when I was about to post it here.
The SP1 package is here:


Once SP1 is installed there is also an SP1 f1...Which my NI Update Service notified me about as soon as I had installed SP1. The SP1 package is much larger than f1, so I guess you have to install that prior to SP1f1.

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Thanks, just downloaded and installed.  I installed SP1 then found the F1 patch using the NI Update Service but couldn't find it with a google search.  Sure looks like lots of attention on VIMs in that f1 patch.  Couldn't find the SP1 release notes yet but the one cool new feature that I need to figure out how to abuse use is the VIM overriding in classes.

There are two pretty good examples that explain how this new feature works.

<labview>\examples\Malleable VIs\Class Adaptation\Malleable VIs - Class Adaptation.lvproj
<labview>\examples\Channels\Replacing The Function At The Heart Of An Algorithm At Run Time\Replacing The Function At The Heart Of An Algorithm At Run Time.lvproj

I guess I'm going to struggle a bit with how I should use this feature.  I get that this is like dynamic dispatch, except that the inputs/outputs don't have to match in their data types with other classes, and maybe that alone should be a good reason to use it...what I really wouldn't mind seeing is someone doing a plugin architecture, using these VIMs.  Maybe combine this with PPLs?  Then build classes, that are unrelated, but can be called...or maybe these classes are related so normal dynamic dispatch works for when data types do match (and allow for a UI in the class to be shown or inserted) then VIMs for when they don't?  I need to experiment a little more like if classes can be loaded from a file, and then called into a VIM...I think that would work just fine now that I think about it...

Edit: Okay plugin architecture could work, but you still need a parent class which has all the closures (wrong term?) defined.  Then on loading of the class it needs to be to the parent, and have dynamic dispatch turned on so the child function is loaded.  Might seem like a lot of extra work, and empty classes whos purpose is to define things that honestly could be better defined if classes were related.  Useful but maybe not where I thought.

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Uh...so has anyone noticed VIPM getting uninstalled after upgrading LabVIEW to SP1?  Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager folder only contained the INI file with an entry for a recent file.  The last mod time on the file was right around the time I upgraded to SP1.  Seems odd and all I did was reinstall VIPM and I seem good.

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