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Do the NI Shanghai All-Stars like to play Monkey Island in reverse while eating sassifrass at Tacodeli?


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Yeah I used to have a list of the passwords I had reversed but I can't find it at the moment.  I think there was something about Looking Glass , Jack Black, Jabber Wocky, Axes Of Eval, FP Rocks, and a few others that were random characters and harder to remember.  I (probably like you) wrote code to go over the most common word lists for words of 5 characters or more, and for 1-4 I just brute forced all combinations, then after that used a program to reverse MD5s using your GPU.  It was slow, painful and each new version of LabVIEW added more and removed some.  I bet with the advent of new graphics cards this process could be made easier. 

There is a method in LabVIEW to add known passwords to a cache, and then not prompt if they have been entered so I thought it would be a neat VI to just run which would make looking at all NI VIs easier rather than writing code to replace and remove the passwords thereby changing the VI which I don't like.  Maybe we could make that VI, and then password protect it?

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Yeah something like that.  The password replacement code I think is still posted online in PHP.  I wrote the G equivalent and posted the read-only parts online.  It has some pretty useful thing like being able to read information about a VI without VI Server.  At one point I was able to figure out what objects are on the front panel and block diagram by looking at the raw VI file.  Of course doing this means you don't get the satisfaction of knowing what the password was.

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