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serial communication

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I am working on interface that contains of master(pc) and 2 slaves (microcontroller) and i want to send data from 2 slaves to master via serial communication

it is possible to implement this architecture in labview? and how?


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What type of serial communication are you using? RS232, RS485, RS422, I2C, SPI, ETC?

The type you are using will determine whether it's physically possible to have multiple masters/slaves on the same connection.

If you're using a compatible serial connection, yes... LabVIEW can do what you're asking.

As far as how... there are already lots of examples built into LabVIEW and on the internet.

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What is your topology? Is it a single RS485 link per slave, or are they on the same bus? If they are on the same bus, you will have to think of the communication protocol, is it token based, is it CSMA/CD? That is up to you, as the designer.

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Daisy-chained / multi-dropped RS485 with a master-slave protocol? If you need an example of how that can be done in LabVIEW you can look at this one which is based on one of the industry-standard protocols for such communication - Modbus :



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