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[CR] Hooovahh's Tremendous TDMS Toolkit

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I haven't tested everything in there on NI Linux RT but a few of them I have.  The only thing that uses any thing questionable is the Circular buffer has a compression option where it zips the circular buffer before logging it to disk.  I used the native LabVIEW zip API so I suspect it works on Linux RT...but I forgot to test it before posting it.  Everything else is just pure G and I see no reason it wouldn't work.

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13 hours ago, bjustice said:

Thanks Hooovahh, I've used your TDMS concatenate VIs in a few places.  Really convenient to see this wrapped in a VIPM with a few other tools.  Will install this right alongside Hooovahh arrays

The VIM Array package is a dependency, and actually included in this VIPC release.  It was just easier for me as a developer than trying to remove the dependency, and easier for you guys if everything is in one file.

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