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Restart required after LabVIEW installer called from Inno Installer

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Hey all,

(Cross-post from ni.com forums)

We have a LabVIEW application, which has a LabVIEW-based Installer.  This LabVIEW installer is called from within another Inno installer (since our main Inno installer pulls together multiple components, most of them not LabVIEW).  Whenever this Inno installer ends, it always asks the user to restart their PC, even if the LabVIEW installer was cancelled.

I narrowed it down, and it's reproducible with only the LabVIEW installer, so it's definitely LabVIEW installer's fault.  According to Inno's help documentation, "if a program executed in the [Run] section queues files to be replaced on the next reboot (by calling MoveFileEx or by modifying wininit.ini), Setup will detect this and prompt the user to restart the computer at the end of installation."  However, as stated above, this dialog is triggered even if the LabVIEW installer was cancelled and wrote no files.

Now, the above linked documentation refers to a flag I can put in my installer script to ignore this restart dialog, but it's a global flag, and I would like my other installers to still make use of this handy restart dialog if necessary. Unfortunately it seems LabVIEW installers trigger this even if not actually necessary.

Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas how to make my LabVIEW installer NOT muck around with the MoveFileEx or wininit.ini stuff if/when it's not actually needed?  Attached is a LabVIEW project and Inno Installer script which easily reproduces the problem.  To reproduce:

  1. Extract the attached .zip
  2. Open test.iss in Inno Setup and click the "Run" button
    1. Alternately, just run the built installer under "\Output\test_inno_installer_9.99.0.0.exe"
  3. Click Next on 'Select Components' dialog
  4. Click Install on 'Ready to Install' dialog
  5. When LabVIEW installer pops up click Cancel, then yes (you're sure)
  6. See the Restart dialog




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Maybe it would be an option for you to run the installer in silent mode (and/or) with the reboot suppression: Customize and Automate Installation of a Single NI Installer This article might be of some use also: Running a Batch File Automatically After an Installation to Access Installed Files And here's the similar thread, that points to these two articles mentioned.

I also think, there's an option to not use a single LabVIEW installer, but use a bunch of msi installers by pulling them from that .exe and putting all the files into one final Inno setup .exe. You could try to run each msi with one of those flags to suppress the reboot message:

msiexec /qn /i Application.msi REBOOT=ReallySuppress
msiexec /qn /i Application.msi REBOOT=R
msiexec /package Application.msi /norestart
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