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Hello everyone,

I have a development PC with labview community edition installed. On that PC an arduino uno is plugged with some sensors.

I'm trying to get some data from a sensor attached to a raspberry pi. I saw a guy on the web that connected the pi to the PC using mobile hotspot on windows and loading the makerhub firmware and getting the IP that way.
I managed to connect the pi to labVIEW and get it deploy any VI or control the GPIOs (i.e Untitled 2.vi).


The thing is that I need to run a more broad VI from my main development PC (let's say Untitled 4.vi). Now I want not only to initialize a connection to the arduino uno, but also to the pi remotely. 
I've been trying to initialize the pi with the LINX (makerhub) open module and from the drop down menu choosing the remote I/O-TCP, but coudn't get it to work.

Do I need to make any configuration to the raspberry pi from the properties meny on the Web-Server  or the VI-Server tab? Or run a server from the raspberry itself?

Which port to enter?

image.png.1ee0f9760444548fdf0174eb7c2630d9.png                        image.png.a734afc7404e15948090972ff856353c.png




I dont even know if what I'm trying to achieve is possible, can anyone help me out?


Thank you.

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How much data do you need from your sensor? My usual go-to for the raspberry pi is to run a webserver, build that as a startup VI and then the server will run any time the Pi is on. You can use LabVIEW's HTTP Get function from Untilted 4 to get your data. This might not work so well if you need a lot of data. I'd probably use the STM library instead of a webserver in that case.

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