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Create and resize buttons in a running VI

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 is it possible to create and resize a button in a running vi's front panel?
I would like for example to place a square button where I press mouse down and then, if I drag left and right borders, resize it.
I've done something similar in the past using images, but this time I need buttons to be single objects I can move in a second time

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Yes there is no real native solution for this.  NXG did tease a dynamic control creation but I'm not sure it made it far into development.  Depending on your needs I would suggest different solutions.  I have accomplished similar functions with picture controls in the past for creating a dynamic ribbon interface.  Here a running VI can generate an image that looks like a set of group buttons, and tabs and allows for setting of various background colors.  Another less polished solution revolves around parent and child relationships of windows, and dynamically running VIs.  I called this the Multi Panel Interface and honestly it didn't make it pas the proof of concept phase.  But for simple stuff, and a finite set of controls, you're probably better off just having the controls, then showing or hiding them as needed.

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