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Older LabVIEW installation disks

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Hi, if somebody have the installation disks for the first LabVIEW versions, please share the disks images here or on Internet Archive (archive.org).


I am looking for Labview 1, Labview 2, Labview 3.1.1, Labview 4, Labview 5, Labview 6i.. I have an old computer running Windows 3.11 and Windows 95 and would like to install it just for fun, and also this kind os software is very rare and should be archived to never be lost.

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I'm pretty sure, you can find LabVIEW 4 demo version on NI ftp server. I've also seen 3.x, 4.x and 5.x versions on macintoshgarden. As for the others, not sure, if they could be shared here as it still seems to be illegal, even though these versions are super dated and (almost) nobody uses them for production now. Well, I do have some, but I'm going to see the admins position about this.

P.S.: I too like this kind of fun and I'm seeking for some versions. Still couldn't find 1.x to try it in some early Mac emulator. Interested in BridgeVIEW distros as well and maybe in some old toolkits like Picture Control Toolkit.

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