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As of Tuesday 11/25 I have accepted a position deep in the bowels of NI.

For those of you who hadn't known, I was recently returned to the free agent job pool.

I interviewed around and was offered gainful employment @ NI that in turn I have accepted

It will be in the RF group and I am getting more excited about it by the day.

The only change though that might happen w/ me here is they may make my relinquish my blatant copyright infringement on the NI ~,~ Captain Logo.

More will be revealed in weeks to come, but actually as I will be away from home and family in Austin most of the week to start, so my evenings will be free to contribute to the community.... or so I tell myself now!

So I really didn't think that this was post worthy, but a few gripes have arisen about not noting this en mass.

And yes, I will be attempting with all my power that I might have to become a presenter on stage at NI week although I might not have enough clout to fill Tim Dehne's shoes.

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I believe that crelf is correct :(

I hear that some people who shall remain aivaliotisless shall attempt to thwart any attempt by me to hold it as *inactive*

Fair enough. Being champion is like being given the keys to the castle. Now it looks like I'll me manning the radar towers inside the walls anyways so other than the title, I still probably get the same action!

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QUOTE (Justin Goeres @ Dec 1 2008, 07:02 PM)

Something like this?

http://lavag.org/old_files/monthly_12_2008/post-1431-1228673781.png' target="_blank">post-1431-1228673781.png?width=400

Sorry about the low quality and cheesy font, but I didn't feel like putting much into it (as can could be seen in the stupid spelling error which was in there).

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