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  3. Dr. Jeff Gray, Xin Zhao and Saheed Popoola of the University of Alabama are conducting a research study titled “Design Evaluation of LabVIEW Systems Models.” They wish to 1) evaluate code smells summarized from both existing literature and end-users to understand the severity of different code smells; 2) explore more code smells not scoped in current literature. Code smells (also known as “bad smells”) are indicators of bad designs that “usually corresponds to a deeper problem in the system.” Although code smells do not necessarily lead to program failure, they may increase the possibility of software bugs or failures in the future. Studies have shown that code with many bad smells takes 32% longer to debug and causes more frustration to programmers. Taking part in this study involves completing a 15-minute web survey about your experience with LabVIEW development. The results will be available later to the LabVIEW community to help inform best practices to improve model quality and design decisions. Your participation is completely anonymous and voluntary. You are free not to participate or stop participating at any time before you submit your answers. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the study and the survey. This research study has been approved by the University of Alabama Institutional Review Board. If you are interesting in helping us, please click the link below to start the survey. http://bit.ly/VISmells We appreciate your participation of our study. Thank you in advance.
  4. I think searching is limited to 4 characters or more. I'd also suggest Google is a better search tool than...well anything.
  5. You need at least four characters. Try "DLLs".
  6. You could add additional I/O to the Pi by connecting Arduinos to it. If you install LINX on the Arduino(s), your deployed LabVIEW application can control I/O on the Pi AND on the Arduino(s) using the LINX toolkit. I haven't done this personally (I'm using another home-grown method), so I don't have a "How To" for it. However, I know that I've stumbled on the above idea in one of my recent Google searches.
  7. Has LAVA search ever worked? Maybe before the big crash, but after that, definitely not. I always use google to search on LAVA with site:lavag.org dll
  8. I searched for "DLL" in titles of posts to the forum on Application Builder etc, and got 0 results. Which is wrong -- I know because I have posted a topic with "DLL" in the title! What gives?
  9. I saw this guide! I was completely decided about BeagleBone but when I saw this guide, and some comparations on speed, and memory, the raspberry is much better.... On the other hand BeagleBone has much more IO and no need a SD card to boot For me BeagleBone is more indicated because of the interaction with the sensors and IOs But raspberry is more powerful... I don't know what to do...
  10. Last week
  11. Just an FYI Pi4 isn't officially supported by LINX yet, but several people performed some manual steps to get it working.
  12. I'm happy for my vim to break when a uint is wired in. Just didn't realise that's the problem. Thanks for pointing that out Francois
  13. You could use the Type Specialization Structure and perform conversion, U8->I16, U16->I32, U32->I64 and U64->EXT before your String to Number conversion.
  14. Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone are full-fledged Linux computers. Arduino is a microcontroller. Compare their specifications and I/O to see which one meets your requirements. See also https://forums.ni.com/t5/NI-Blog/LabVIEW-Community-Edition/ba-p/3970512, especially the part about "Hobbyist Hardware".
  15. Thanks, this is exactly the same problem I am getting! I have no solution yet and have tried everything I can think of apart from not using those functions which seems like a terrible idea.
  16. What about raspberry pi 4 board? Now I don't know witch one to buy Raspberry Pi4 vs BeagleBone Black Vs arduino.....
  17. This might be worth looking at but no solution was given: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Failure-to-initialize-lvanlys-DLL/td-p/3759330?profile.language=en They were having the same trouble but with LV2017.
  18. Installed LV2019 32-bit SP1 and it works fine, so this looks like something weird in 64-bit
  19. So this just gets weirder! Reinstalled the OS and the basic 2019 64-bit SP1 RTE. Still get the error. Installed 2019 64-bit SP1 IDE, open a new VI and try and drop down Mean.vi and it gives me an error message saying A Dynamic Link Library Initialisation Failed! So after a bit of poking around I dig into the Mean.vi and take a look at the DLL and it is configured to have the path e:\builds\penguin\labview\branches\2019\dev\dist64\resource\lvanalys.* Obviously this will not work as I dont have an E: or builds\penguin directory!
  20. The New Data Value Ref and Delete Data Value Ref nodes will be able to be in inline VIs (and thus malleable VIs) in LV 2020.
  21. Shameless plug: Here is another example of WebSockets:
  22. I am still here. It's just by chance that I have reemerged here today. I used to have a bunch of code posted at my old company, but that domain no longer exists. I still have the example code, but most of it is too complicated, and will take a long time to slog through if you're just starting with Javascript/HTML. If you want to do a 'homebrew' approach, I can help you get the websocket link established in LabVIEW. That part is easy. What's not so easy is all the Javascript you have to do on the browser side. You can use an open-source canned script library like https://www.rgraph.net/ to do graphs and dial indicators, etc. You can also use standard HTML5 buttons and slider controls, spin controls, etc. for inputs. Doing that requires you to know how to mix HTML with Javascript. Your other option is to pay $$$ for something like LabSockets, or the LabVIEW NXG web VI option.
  23. Looks like all the PYNQ boards are programmable in Python. There was a question on NI Community about this.
  24. Guys what about the PYNQ™ Z2 board? It is developed by a NI company... Is it compatible in anyway with LabView? it has a affordable price for me...
  25. Oups sorry fr the radio silence, I didn't receive notification of your post... I'll give a try to that and keep you posted.
  26. Just did the same test with LV2019 32-bit and it works fine on the other PC. 🥵 Also works fine in a VM so I guess its probably something borked on the PC. Time to reinstall the OS (as obviously NI Package manager refuses to cooperate and now I have a bunch of orphaned software).
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