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  1. How about this. From left to right: "Gaussian White Noise.vi", "Auto Power Spectrum.vi" and "Harmonic Analyzer.vi"
  2. I haven't seen any trouble yet.
  3. Yes to both: using the nVidia desktop manager, or whatever it's called.
  4. I thought you were looking for gaussian noise. If that had been true, the number of samples for "Gaussian White Noise.vi" could be set to the number of samples in your data set before adding. My mistake.
  5. I wonder if you have access to "Gaussian White Noise.vi".
  6. Excluding ActiveX, MATLAB help says the only way to call external code is with a MEX file (dll, for windows). Unfortunately, App Builder is needed to make a dll from LabVIEW. If you find an acceptable method of using the LabVIEW runtime engine, .m files can be called in batch mode using "System Exec.vi".
  7. Right-click on the array constant to change its "Representation". Right-click on the while loop border to "Add Shift Register". Add a Waveform Graph on the front panel.
  8. I dislike IVI, too: half of my instruments have functionality not exposed with IVI. I had some trouble with a similar Keithley instrument. The read command (:Trace:Data?) gave an error unless all of the setup commands were exactly right. Step through the examples again.
  9. todd

    USB Endpoints

    Are you using the USB-TMC spec?
  10. No. It would execute again If the property was 'Value (Signaling)' instead of 'Value'. I haven't yet installed 7.1.
  11. Here's how I reset the button and catch errors.
  12. Have you enabled serial port support in the application builder?
  13. How does the load box connect to the computer?
  14. Perhaps you could use "Position" and "Legend -> Position" waveform graph properties. I use these to calculate a new position for the legend when programmatically adding plots to a graph.
  15. Close all vi's that call the old subvi. Rename the new subvi so it has the same name as the new subvi. Open all vi's that call the old subvi. Open the new subvi (that currently has the old name) and save it with the new name. All calling vi's will update their paths to the subvi.
  16. Perhaps you can use MATLAB batch mode. http://messages.info-labview.org/2004/07/16/22.html
  17. It sounds like you're distributing a built exe. Make sure to enable the ActiveX server in the build options.
  18. Make sure MATLAB works without LabVIEW (to check licensing issues). Which version of MATLAB are you using?
  19. I'm sure you know that you can right-click on a cluster and 'Reorder Controls in Cluster...'. Your efficiency now has the higher cost of making sure each new cluster element has the largest cluster index. This may beg for a LV2 global with a strict type def enum that chooses which global element gets accessed.
  20. todd


    Here's something for the Keithley 2400. Download File:post-107-1095458871.llb
  21. You shouldn't be getting -2 for row or value. Here are a couple of pictures that may help.
  22. Perhaps this answer is too simplistic: Using the MATLAB Script node, if you only need one value at a time, index the array of data and send one value at a time. (This can't be right.) Using MATLAB batch mode, you can call a .m file that opens the data file and writes an output file. Use "System Exec.vi" to call MATLAB with the /r flag for Windows (-r for *nix) and the name of the .m file.
  23. It turns out that I've always hit ctrl-R (Run Without Pausing) to get past a cleared breakpoint. This leaves the vi in debug mode even on subsequent calls (execution will be paused). The 'Continue' button works. I was a LV genious until I talked to other users.
  24. I can't find info on this in any of the standard locations: Place a breakpoint in a subVI. Run the code, allowing the breakpoint to be hit. Clear the breakpoint (before or after completing an execution). From idle, run the top level vi again. Execution pauses at the first object in the subvi that had the breakpoint. I then have to step out of every vi in the heirarchy before all will run without pausing. Is there a way around this behaviour?
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