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  1. Thank you for taking the time to mentor an FRC team. I'm starting my third year mentoring an FRC team and we have successfully used both LabVIEW and Java. If you want to find list of LV vs. Java vs. C++ vs. Python, etc... look on cheifdelphi. FRC build season is very chaotic. You have six weeks to prototype, design, build and test your robot. This means that the time you software team has with the completed robot will be very short. Your students that are programming need to be very comfortable with the tools and hardware that they are interfacing with. Students generally have more experience with text based languages than with LabVIEW. Most high schools teach C++ and Java. High School AP computer programming uses Java. When you are in a stressful situation (build season), it is not a good time to be learning new concepts. Data flow is a very different animal than sequential programming or OOP. Does this mean that I think that you should use Java and not LabVIEW? No! But, you do need to understand why they may not immediately see the beauty of LabVIEW. To have your students program effectively with LabVIEW you need to work with them in the off season. There are many good resources for teaching LabVIEW to FRC students. A good place to start is www.ni.com/frc. (Oh, I see you've cross-posted this question there.) I disagree with the idea of dual development (Java and LabVIEW). Like I mentioned earlier, your test time on the competition robot will be very short. Testing two different programs will be difficult and it will take away practice time from your drivers.
  2. I just returned from this event and it was terrible. It was just an extended version of NI's standard sales pitch with some demonstrations in the dark and a couple of NI Week clips from 2011. I kept thinking that at some point the sales pitch would end and that meaningful information would be presented, but it never did. I'd like to have those hours back.
  3. Has the savings from additional work of convention attendies been passed back to NI?
  4. I'll be there with Team 548. We're in the Newton division.
  5. I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but it looks like Developer Suite Core added three toolkits. VI Analyzer Toolkit Desktop Execution Trace Toolkit Unit Test Framework Toolkit I guess I should have bought VIPM instead of DETT.
  6. I purchased a ticket. This will be my first LAVA BBQ that I've attended not at the Salt Lick. I'll miss traveling through hill country.
  7. Could this be your problem? "Previously LabVIEW Web UI Builder could not import NI Authenticated Web Services. March 15th National Instruments pushed an update that allows LabVIEW Web UI Builder to import LabVIEW 2010 SP1 authenticated web services." From: LabVIEW Web UI Builder NI Auth Support Documentation
  8. You didn't say "one more question" this time. For vertical text (or numeric) display, you could use a 2D picture control and the function "Draw Text at Point..vi".
  9. For what? Why did you choose it? What has been your experince with it?
  10. "I don't like the idea of using a subpanel of one of my dynamically dispatched VIs." Would you like it better if you made a UUT class property: "subpanel reference" which you could pass in from your calling code and allow the child class code to insert a VI into the subpanel?
  11. "your project needs to be open source" I don't think this would work well for collaborating with customers. Another option is bitbucket. It's free for 5 users or unlimited for academic and non-profit. I'm looking at using it for my FRC team.
  12. There isn't a property node. It's an invoke node. Did you look at the code that I posted? If you don't want to use that utility: right click on control -> Create -> Invoke Node -> Reinitialize to Default
  13. The Joel on Software blog has many good articles on recruiting and internship programs.
  14. I didn't find the property node that Mike mentions, but there is a method. I used it to create a little utility VI that finds all controls and resets them to default. GUI - Set all Controls Default.vi
  15. I can't answer your question other than the obvious, "Make a backup before letting someone touch your code." This is my first year mentoring an FRC team and my two senior programmers love diagram cleanup, so I hope it wasn't one them. It's been an interesting challenge for me to encourage good programming style without being annoying.
  16. Can you set it for the "Current User"? When I updated my applications for Win7, I moved my registry setting from "Local Machine" to "Current User" to fix permission problems. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Extensions
  17. Robostangs take 1st and chairmans award at Waterford FRC Regional!

  18. An MCL is an I32 and a table is a 2D string. Text is added to an MCL programmatically through the property "ItemNames". The MCL event "EditCell?" will allow you to read the selected cell and discard if not correct.
  19. Did you find a visibility attribute for block diagram nodes? You should have saved this for April.
  20. Does this code call an xControl?
  21. is a Dev Day Winner!

  22. That scene reminds me of one of the birthday presents that I got for my wife: 6 pounds of click pens (~315). I've got to stop checking www.dealnews.com.
  23. Great video. It reminds me of having to work with one of your minions.
  24. Argh! Are ye wantn' to convert yer language to Pirate? Today is the official talk like a pirate day! To get a list of yer controls: Connect a property node to a refernece of the VI and select "Panel" Take the "Panel" ref out to a second property node and select "Controls" Now you can use the "Controls" refs to read the label and set the caption. Some things to consider. Do you have controls inside controls? - Clusters, Tabs Do you want to display a caption for each control? - Tab Conrol? Do you have enough area to display the translated text? Will your text grow in the correct direction? Control Refs.vi
  25. Maybe you should also post this in the LabVIEW Idea Exchange to get it higher visibility.
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