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  1. I was actually working in 2013 at the time but have just checked 2018 and it is indeed in there. So it was obviously added after 2013.
  2. I know. You obviously didn't get the dig at a keyboard warrior vs a mouse clicky, coffee in hand, reclined on the sofa, coder layabout like me
  3. IC. I'll have a play around with the XML now that you have shown me how to do it (many thanks). Maybe I'm just being a bit OCD about it but once/if it's done, I won't have to revisit it anytime soon.
  4. Many thanks. I thought that might be an issue. I can move it around using a property node (if I scan the FP objects to get a reference). Like you said. You can't select it (not that you can with the vanilla splitter either) which means you can't create property nodes either so scripting would be the only way of doing anything. Is it possible to make it 1px in edit and 0 in run modes? I've no idea how these controls are put together but xcontrols can be different in run or edit.
  5. Yes. If you can get rid of the gaps created by the splitter and array border (marked in red on the second image), that'd be great.
  6. The picture control is just what I'm looking for (thanks Hooovahh). that eliminates the gap between elements The array border and the splitter wouldmake it perfect
  7. I'd be interested in a 1px border array and/or picture control if you're hacking them. The element separation on an array control is huge and annoying. Oooh. And a 0px separator or can make it transparent
  8. Yeah mine were a little more obvious that an xcontrol was really the only elegant half-way decent solution. One was a string control with markup and the other was a tab control that works like the native one should. So it was really about encapsulation.
  9. If that scares you then I don't give you good odds on "fixing" the LabVIEW source when it's released I've just written two XControls. (First time in about 6 years). They seem to be ok but some of the ways they work can be a bit unintuitive.
  10. Surely it would have been easier to just add the CRC check in the openG.
  11. When you edit a palette set, there is an option of "Place VI Contents" when right clicking on a VI, which will drop the code contained in the VI rather than the VI itself (like a template). Maybe it has something to do with that.
  12. That only tells you if the bytestream has been modified in transit rather than if there is a corruption in the archive itself.
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