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  1. What a horrendous format TOML is. I won't be using this format unless forced to at knife-point.
  2. Here's my tuppence. Get an indication from your IT dept when thy expect the issue to be resolved then get your project manager to bill the time against IT's budget. Add to your project plan the time they indicated and add a note that the project delivery date will be be delayed by at least that amount of time. Keep doing that if/when their indicated time expires until they resolve the issue. If you have weekly project meetings, make sure it is in the minutes and get an action on IT to resolve the issue and require status updates from IT so it never drops off the agenda. Ensure the IT issu
  3. no cat for Cat? They are just text files (sort of). If you don't have a file called "state" in "/sys/power/" then i guess you don't have those features
  4. There is another method that I use. Read the entire file and return a single element (or maybe more) whenever access to an element is required. This relies on OS caching to maintain performance but yields real-time, on-the-fly changes to the ini file being reflected in the application.
  5. The Linux Kernel does support them but of course they are not called that. The Kernel has to be compiled with the features and I don't know for that device. Check what is available (if at all) by issuing "cat /sys/power/state" in a command prompt. Check how it can be woken up by issuing "cat /proc/acpi/wakeup"
  6. Are you using Shared Reentrant? Try using Preallocate.
  7. My tuppence ... choose one, LabVIEW or Python. You can create services which interact through TCPIP or REST API's but keep them separate. If you have 20 python devs and one or two LabVIEW developers then you are on a hiding to nothing. Python won the war a long time ago and it's time to learn Python. Not the answer you were probably looking for but you'll end up mostly doing IT and configuration trying to get your LabVIEW python stuff to work anywhere except your dev machine.
  8. That's because it's hard-coded to return a simple Boolean when compiled. int PQisthreadsafe(void) { #ifdef ENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY return true; #else return false; #endif }
  9. Another SVN user. Meh. The lesser of evils. Not forced. Use it through choice. Pro's: Straight forward workflow. Works from windows context menu's (Tortoise SVN). Use it as a versioned restorable backup with no major hassle. Cons: Same as any other SCC with LabVIEW - merging - but workflow can help (use Branches. Partition work packages to reduce merging. Trunk gate-keeper). Almost never but when it happens, it's always on the merge to trunk - Gatekeepers problem but can recover easily .
  10. No idea. If you save files external to the DB then it mainly depends on the disk speed and the resolution/format you are saving it with. You've only given a rough resulting file size and a framerate. No indication of how many seconds worth that is in order to calculate the MB/frame/sec. Streaming to disk is orders of magnitude faster than to a DB though and the faster the disk, the faster you can stream. If you just want the convenience of a single file for offline post processing then you save them to a directory and zip it all up at the end along with the DB metadata. If you want t
  11. Save the images as files and just index them in the database and any meta data you need. As a rule of thumb, you only save data that is searchable in databases. Images are not searchable data, only their names are. Doing it this way also enables you to process multiple images simultaneously, in parallel, and just update the meta data in the DB as you process them.
  12. I think you've either wandered into the wrong forum or are advertising motherboards. Which is it?
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