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  1. Nope. You may want to extend that courtesy but it isn't required for BSD.
  2. Perhaps this makes it clearer. What you are doing: What you want to do:
  3. The FP control is set to "Include Data Type" if the property node is "strict" and will be a boolean output from the property node. You will see a red cross in the bottom left corner of the control in this state. If "Include Data Type" is unchecked, there will be no cross and the output of the node will be a variant as no type information is defined for the control..
  4. The software was never productionised and released due to lack of interest.
  5. AQ has been looking into this for me offline (Thanks AQ) and managed to replicate the issue I was seeing. Addig a delay resolves the issue (which I plan to put in the known issues since it cannot be resolved internally in the xControl) AQs explanation of what is happening: He also said that the problem goes away if source code is separated from the VI (not available in 2009). So. I'll do some more testing and then release the xControl.
  6. Error 2250 is the windows error code for "This network connection does not exist.". It seems consistent with what Rolf is saying about the function.
  7. It's a conjugation. I think Americans are the biggest perpetrators especially for "setted". They do other funny stuff like leaving out letters and putting dates the wrong way round
  8. I just post something along the lines of "can't find it right now" and usually someone with better organisation than me finds the link. Damn. giving away all my secrets.
  9. My OCD is when people type "casted" as the past tense of "cast". Not helpful, I know but It drives me nuts! I'm the same with "set".
  10. Well. I didn't even get one like, let alone 10 points
  11. Apollo 13? (It's a NASA saying)
  12. You can use the Path to Array and then slice out whichever parts of the path you need and concatenate back again.
  13. They seem to have that covered. I would be more worried that because it is .NET; the default is UFT16-LE so any strings from property nodes could be that instead of ASCII. Things like the version/serial numbers, label text, class names etc. If that were the case, I could see a lot of utilities breaking.
  14. When I wrote Passa Mak I went through all this. It replaces Captions and Tip Strips and anything else that has a text property on-the-fly but the inevitable support required to allow people to use languages like Japanese or Chinese was just rediculous-so I didn't. The real problem was filenames, though. How did you resolve that?
  15. You'd think I would've known that since I produced a toolkit to do exactly that...lol.
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