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  1. If you consider this as similar to Matlab array indexing, then I believe it should be inclusive. And there's an answer to #2. http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/learn_matlab/array-indexing.html?requestedDomain=www.mathworks.com
  2. It is better today. I tried a few things, but nothing helped at the time.
  3. LabVIEW has been marketed as a complete language since at least 2009. It should be able to stand up to python and such. That said, it's not just NI that is responsible for driving acceptance of the language and moving it out of the niche space. We (professionals, but definitely consultants) are a big factor in driving that as well. Initial costs to develop a system provide a lot of inertia after it is completed.
  4. Awesome. Sorry I didn't get around to advancing things like I had hoped! I will try to look through this and your new goals to see what I can add if I have a chance.
  5. I have had some good experiences with Agilent power supplies in the past. Most of them were GPIB, but they have some USB controlled ones as well.
  6. That's an interesting question. I'm not sure how I originally found Lava years ago. Probably a google search result since the NI.com search is/was terrible.
  7. Agreed, DSC should stand on its own for customers that need a SCADA system. I would be willing to bet the vast majority of people using NSV Events have no need for anything else in the DSC Module. At the very least give us a runtime that is free and only has the NSV Events. Thanks for the links! That looks like it would work, but requires a significant investment in time as well as using CVI...
  8. I know this thread is a bit old, but relevant to my question. I'm essentially asking the same question that MatthewHarrison asked at the end regarding shared variable events without the DSC module. One twist, I've once made this work via bound front panel controls and registering for a value change event of that control. This was in LV2014. Now I'm looking to do it again with another customer that doesn't want to pay for DSC and it's not working in LV2015SP1. Does anyone have any input on getting this to work in either environment?
  9. What it you broke the section into 2 sub-fora? One designed for Q&A and the other for discussion. The line is a little blurry, but most people can tell if their post will incite more of one or the other.
  10. Well I thought the unread posts would auto-update, now it looks like just the All Activity stream does that.
  11. One thing I really like is that some of the feeds (unread content) update automagically now.
  12. Without derailing too much, I've not found great use for the crio waveform library as my applications aren't this straightforward typically (though I imagine it could be used for this application). Is there something I'm missing?
  13. Please respond to the various replies ^. A sample file would go a long way.
  14. Check the discussion here. The initial post mentions host->target FIFO, but I mistakenly started a discussion regarding target->host FIFO. Size of buffers is not addressed, but Ned is correct to bring that up as well as frequency of data transfer. You should be pulling data frequently enough to need the check I illustrated with the screenshot, otherwise you are likely overflowing the buffer.
  15. Try re-saving your excel file as a .csv file.
  16. I haven't tried to make this work on RT, but definitely plan to. Thanks for spending some time diagnosing the existing problems.
  17. Correct, no intent to mock, sorry if it came off that way. It was redundant to message me specifically when your question was being addressed publicly, where others also gain the benefit of an answer.
  18. Also, I got a very similar question from the same person in a PM. I wonder how many PMs he/she sent out...
  19. Also instructions on how to reproduce. If they can't do that first you won't get far.
  20. I don't think any cloud platform will solve the problem with having to manually join your metadata to your raw data. Perhaps generate a file to go with the data as you produce it. Also, none of these are LabVIEW specific and as you've seen free only gets you limited space. In short, to my knowledge there is nothing that will do much more than what you are currently using.
  21. If you are currently using Dropbox, why don't you simply save and edit your work in the dropbox folder. Then you can share the specific folder containing your work with your professor. The same link should work as you update the contents of the folder. You can store your database in that folder as well.
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