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  1. Hi, I recently stumbled upon a cartoon regarding software testing which was practically like this: 2 guys looking at a screen just ... < OOPS > ...don't click on that it took me half an hour to get in this situation or something like this. anyone knows were to find? thanks.
  2. A while back I had some similar problems and in my case it was caused by the antivirus that was checking (and blocking) the file while checking the contents for virusses. As a solution I excluded certain extensions (or skip the entire folder) from the virusscan.
  3. Hi Darren, this one did the trick !!! (Maybe you can add this as the first 2011 Nugget ) It took me some time to get the refnums for the pane and the different controls, but I managed to get them unlocked. THANKS !!! My initial workaround for deleting locked items from the FP or BD: it is possible to delete the locked items by changing them to a constant and then deleting the constant.
  4. Hi, I know this is the normal way and I'm 100% sure this didn't work yesterday on another PC before uploading (after double-clicking the control, the lines of the dragging-box even made the control dissapear) In my original application it still does not work so I tried to rebuild the non-working vi again... locked control.vi (LabVIEW 8.5.1) I left my 4 different panes in place and now I'm having 4 different locked controls which don't even show up on doubleclick... "Reorder Controls In Page..." displays all controls/indicators but afterwards they all dissapear again. No suggestions about programmatically unlocking the control? Is this possible with superprivatesecretstuff or through scripting?
  5. I removed all other tabpages and all code from the vi, leaving only 1 tabpage and 1 unlockable/selectable control so you can try it yourself. not unlockable control on tab.vi (LabVIEW 8.5.1) Copying the tabpage to a new vi and setting the size to fit made the control selectable and unlockable. But I want to be able to do the same inside this vi because moving the complete tabpage to a new vi and pasting it all back, breaks all my code and that's what I want to prevent. I had the same a few weeks back and ended up adding a new control (and relinking the references/property nodes) while leaving the old control hidden out of sight, but it just doesn't feel good.
  6. Hi, I have a locked indicator on a tabpage containing several locked areas and an autoscaling graph. For some reason (frequent resizing while running? / while developping?) the control got moved outside the visible part of the application. Currently I'm unable to select the indicator. By double-clicking the control on the BD I'm able to locate the indicator and resize the tabpage to get the indicatior visible, but I'm unable to select the control for unlocking it. Programmatically moving the indicator does not work either because I get an error because the indicator is locked. I've been searching for a property node for unlocking the control but haven't found the property node so far. Does this property exist and where can I find this? (LV 8.5.1) Or does someone has another solution? TNT
  7. I while back a had a similar problem (LV 8.5.1): when using the "Read From Spreadsheet file.vi for reading (and displaying) a 60 MB spreadsheet (text-file) my PC got a memoryincrease of approx 1 GB !! When replacing the "Read From Spreadsheet file.vi" with "Read from text-file" (with Read lines active) followed by a for-loop to convert each line to a string-array, I got the same result BUT ony a memory-usage of several 100ths MB. (I would have expected 2*60 MB with a little overhead in memory-usage but this was way better than the original memory-usage) Has anyone seen the same effect as well?
  8. Hi, at the moment I'm not behind my PC with LV 8.6 or higher, but have you UNchecked the default waveform property "Ignore Time Stamp"? This should change the X scale from 0 to a timestamp. Happy wiring...
  9. Hi, I have two timestamps which are both calculated based on the t0 and dt of the same waveform (only diferent subvi/location). both were attached to an in range check and i noticed the lower limit became out of range. I copied the (equal) data from my probes to the attached vi (LV 8.5) for further testing and noticed the equal failed on the timestamp, but converting to DBL or EXT resulted in an equal timestamp. I fixed my code by first converting to DBL before doing the compare, but I was wondering if someone has an idea what is causing this. Timestamp problem.vi Thanks
  10. Hi, this already exists in LabVIEW, just choose the appropriate zooming tool, see screenshot...
  11. I think I have a similar problem with the IMAQ match pattern (where rotation is allowed within a certain range). Have you already found a solution/workaround?
  12. I also stayed with PSP6 because it started much faster as PSP7...
  13. tnt

    Lilah Kring

    Where does LILAH stands for? (maybe other members can help filling in...) At least there's room for LAVA and LabVIEW... Congratulations !!
  14. This is the cluster with the 1px-border, in post http://lavag.org/top...dpost__p__28056 AQ mentioned posting a real borderless (0px-border) version. I have not found this borderless cluster..., can someone also repost this ctl? THX, TNT
  15. in thread slow MD5 http://lavag.org/top...552entry61552 Phillip Brooks (Posted 12 June 2009 - 04:51 PM): "I revisited my .NET implementation from here and found that it one of the .NET methods was broken when I loaded the VI in LabVIEW 8.6.1. I've fixed it and cleaned it up, but can't upload to the LAVA forums at the moment. (not sure why...) Maybe the .NET technique will work for you..." http://forums.lavag....iles-t2300.html fails
  16. QUOTE (Sonic_Soul @ Nov 13 2008, 01:06 PM) Hi, I think it fails because you already destroy your image inside the subvi, it is better to create the image outside (before) the while-loop, and destroy it after stopping the while-loop. Happy wiring... EDIT: also make sure the Stop-button in your subvi is default set to TRUE, otherwise your "inner"-while-loop (inside the subvi) will NEVER exit !!! TIP: create an indicator on your index to see your while-loop running...
  17. QUOTE (MikaelH @ Sep 23 2008, 12:05 AM) Hi Mikael, I was very curious about your example, unfourtunately for me, the link(s) failed (Outlook Web Access appeared) <updated> After 'Copy Shortcut' and stripping the first part, the download succeeded. Both links are directed to the same location so you should link the first to MaceGame.zip Here are the working ones... </updated> keep on OOP-ing :worship: , TNT
  18. tnt


    QUOTE (Cloedu @ Aug 25 2008, 12:00 PM) Hi,as far as I remember this had to do with statistics, assume you have a big pile of points and they all get rounded up when ending on .5, you end up with a higher average, with this statistical rounding, the average would not change that much. I hope this helps a bit edit: Ton was a bit quicker in typing as me...
  19. QUOTE (mross @ Jul 2 2008, 12:43 PM) an even more cheaper solution would be to map your C: drive (as if it was a network drive) to E: Good luck
  20. QUOTE (Antoine @ May 6 2008, 11:48 AM) In fact this is NOT always TRUE !!! Nan = FALSE, -Inf = FALSE, Inf = FALSE Happy wiring, TNT
  21. QUOTE(Graeme @ Jan 4 2008, 10:39 PM) Hi, I tried to open your vi but it is in LV8.5 and not in 8.0 as I expected according to your user info (8.0, 7.1, ). Have you tried defer panel updates while re-arranging the indicators? (use LAVA-search for more info) I have not seen your frontpanel, but is it an option for you to use an array instead (only possible if all your indicators have the same type, see cluster to array and vice-versa), then you get your scrollbar for free... (right mouse button: visible Items -> Scrollbar) Happy wiring, TNT
  22. QUOTE(Aristos Queue @ Dec 15 2007, 03:20 AM) Try popping up on a wire and selecting "Insert" in LabVIEW. Does exactly what you're looking for. I knew that already, but I'm mainly talking about actions like for example - data-conversions where several wires need to become SGL in stead of DBL or - several BOOLs that have to be inverted. Then you could use the insert into wire once and then CTRL+drag onto all other wires that need to be changed as well. Grtz, TNT
  23. Hi, what I would also like is to have the option to use the right mouse -> invert boolean in-/output dynamically on EVERY boolean in-/output of the connectorpane. In this way you practically never need to use the invert vi... In Mathlab you can drop a function with 1 input and 1 output on a wire to insert the function in the wire, so you don't need to connect/disconnect the wiring to insert the function. Bye, TNT
  24. Hi, does someone know why LV also searces insides clones? If I only got the results from the base VI only I would already be happy. (Unless of course you are searching for values on the FP and not for code on the BD). Bye, TNT
  25. Hi Alex, just forget I ever wrote the last 3 lines of my previous post, just re-read the first 2 lines and REPLACE the "Time Delay" with the "Wait Until Next ms Multiple.vi" in your "Play video ... .vi". In this way EVERY loop will take 1/fps time to complete (as you requested). (Unless LV requires more time than specified and the loop-rate will decrease to >= 2* 1/fps and this is what I was talking about in my last 3 lines.) Happy testing... TNT
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