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  1. I don't have Ulead Video Studio but if you are sure the formats and settings are exactly the same from file to file and some work and others don't, then I don't know how to help. PCM is usually used for audio. Try disabling all compression (both video and audio) when saving your AVI to see if you have the problem still. If you have some very small examples, then you could post them, but videos are usually quite large. Bruce
  2. Were these videos created on the computer you're doing the processing on? My guess is that they were created using a video compression format that is not on your computer. The AVI format is like a container and can have different internal formats (codecs) making one AVI compatible with one computer that is not compatible on another because of the internal format (wish there was an easy way to determine which compressors were used to save an AVI, not sure if there is). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_Video_Interleave Bruce
  3. As for the class files in the data directory, this is an unfortunate "feature" with classes in 8.6. I did not like this at all with LabVIEW 8.6.x and avoided 8.6 for this reason as well as others (I went directly from 8.5 to 2009 with my real code development). This seems to be fixed in LV2009. Bruce
  4. Sorry, my examples posted earlier were in 8.5.1. Here they are back saved to 8.0. Bruce Create Shortcut.vi Set Shortcut Properties.vi
  5. I use these VIs. They're from a bunch of Windows utility VIs that I have. Bruce Create Shortcut.vi Set Shortcut Properties.vi
  6. I haven't used this, but can you accomplish what is needed using the MATLAB Script Node? It's located in the Mathematics-->Scripts & Formulas-->Script Nodes. I remember that something changed with the licensing of Matlab script nodes with 2009 but I can't remember the details. Bruce
  7. 861f1DevSystemPatch.exe See: http://joule.ni.com/nidu/cds/view/p/id/1276/lang/en for info.
  8. It's sunny here in NJ too! They're calling for 8 to 14 inches tonight and into tomorrow. How can there be so much snow coming when it's so nice out?! Bruce
  9. Does it help if you create a new project file and recreate the exe? Like I said, for problems such as crashes and such, NI support is your best bet. Bruce
  10. Not sure what is happening. I haven't used LV8.2 much (or 8.2.1, you're using the patch, right?). What error dialog displayed when it crashed. NI support can sometimes resurrect VIs but it may take them a while. You may want to contact them. Are you able to post the VI? Bruce
  11. Do you have a backup of the VI? Try creating a new VI and put the Main VI in as a subVI to see if that helps. Any errors that are being reported? Bruce
  12. I work with a number of cameras and a number of them produce 12-bit or 14-bit grayscale images. I'm able to save the images to a series of 16-bit TIFF or PNG images to preserve the dynamic range of the images but in order to create a video file (such as an AVI) I have to convert the images first to 8-bit grayscale. Does anyone know how to create a grayscale video file that supports more bit depth? Thanks, Bruce
  13. I had to remove the old feed and then re-add the feed to get it working. I was without Lava for over a week until I tried this! Using Firefox and NewsFox. Bruce
  14. A drive doesn't care what file extensions you use. There are many other files protected by copyright besides VIs. Imagine if we had to determine the copyright of every filetype to see if it would work with a drive! It would be a nightmare! Bruce
  15. 'Apple' is the same as Command (CMD). It's usually written on apple keyboards with both a Command and an apple. I haven't actually done any programming in LabVIEW on my Mac however (all on Windows), but that's how my Macbook keyboard looks. Bruce
  16. Hmmm, I see some advantages to using references, but I'm not sure how you use this to get a multi-column listbox to word wrap. How do you get the reference to a particular cell? Bruce
  17. Here's what I use. You feed in the string to word wrap and how it is formatted (font, size, etc.) and it returns the string with line breaks. Bruce Word Wrapping.vi Word Wrapping (Entire Column).vi
  18. On Sun VirtualBox I've been successful at getting USB printers, scanners, and external drives to work. I haven't tried any USB DAQ devices however. Bruce
  19. Here's what I do to turn off those annoying restart warnings that keep popping up. I have a .bat file to turn off the Windows Update service (temporarily). I have to remember to either enable the service or restart manually but it prevents the computer from restarting when I don't want it to. The settings are automatically controlled by IT at login so I don't have the ability to turn off the setting using gpedit.msc. I have a .bat file called "Disable Windows Update.bat" and another called "Enable Windows Update.bat". Each is just a 1 line text file with the .bat extension. The "Disable Windows Update.bat" file has this line: net stop wuauserv and the "Enable Windows Update.bat" file has this line: net start wuauserv Bruce
  20. I'm not saying this is the cause, but if you say 64-bit XP to NI they say: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/C4EC0C87B6D70AA886256E61006568C8 Also see: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/5709 Bruce
  21. This library is only available in 8.6+. I guess I could back save it to previous versions. I currently use the .NET method for my programs which are currently in 8.5.1 and I sometimes got complaints that a .NET error occurred (when they didn't have .NET installed). I put in a workaround (hardcoding the version in the code and use that if .NET isn't installed), but this would be better. Thanks for the pointer! Bruce
  22. Try asking your computer lab admin if you can borrow the CDs. Nowadays the Evaluation and other versions are the same, just different activation. I tried searching the FTP site for you but couldn't find it. The new version is at http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/ekit/other/downloader/LV2009_ENG_32_downloader.exe but when I manually went to that directory I could not view the files even though the download works. LV2009 Evaluation is at: https://lumen.ni.com/nicif/us/lveval/content.xhtml Bruce
  23. This isn't easy but you would have to make a picture for each state of the needle (with a transparent background) and then import it into a transparent picture ring. You would need 4 picture rings. Hours, minutes, seconds, and pendulum. I've create a VI to prove the concept but it's nowhere near complete. If you have a gif of what you want to do you could probably extract the pictures and then import them into the picture ring. Good luck, Bruce Clock.vi
  24. I recently encountered a bug that is in 8.x versions of LabVIEW (and probably in 2009) and a CAR has been issued (#182933). Hidden objects don't move when resizing a window, which causes display problems when you want to show them. I've attached a sample VI demonstrating the problem. Bruce http://forums.ni.com/ni/board/message?board.id=170&message.id=432116#M432116 Resize Window while Control Hidden Test.vi
  25. QUOTE (BrokenArrow @ Jun 4 2009, 03:59 PM) I think the release of the software included with LabVIEW 8.6.1 NI Developer Suite was the straw that broke the camel's back. For some reason I've had utmost problems having this version of the developer suite along side of other versions of LabVIEW. Previously I had LV6.1, 7.11, 8.0, 8.5.1, all installed concurrently with little difficulty, but 8.6.1 doesn't seem to want to play nicely with these other versions! It's the bad brother of LabVIEW versions. I hope that the next release plays a little bit more fairly. Bruce
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