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  1. Approved 2-8-2012 and place in LabVIEW Tools Network category
  2. Certified 10-28-2011 placed in JKI Right-Click Framework.
  3. I have been using a programmable 5 button MS Explorer mouse since they came out. I program the buttons to the three keyboard keys I use the most Shift (Left back) Delete (Left front) CTRL (Center mouse wheel)) Several years ago I went all out and started using my tricked out programmable gaming joystick I programmed it with all the LabVIEW shortcuts and used it with my left hand. It worked great at home but because I couldn't have one at every machine that I worked on it wasn't as effective as I originally had hoped. Fortunately I was able to put the programmable mice at each computer which made for a common platform to work with. Quick drop was a great productivity boost for me and because my right hand can press the ctrl and shift keys my left hand only needs to press one key at a time There are many Quick drop short cuts that make development easier. Here are a few links to QD shortcuts. https://decibel.ni.com/content/groups/quick-drop-enthusiasts https://decibel.ni.c...t/docs/DOC-9573 http://zone.ni.com/r...op_shortcut_db/ http://labviewartisa...p-keyboard.html
  4. if it's someone else's subvi and all I need is to supply the correct inputs and get the correct output them no I usually leave it alone. If I am given ownership and responsibility for making The code work then I will refactor it to my liking. Sometimes it is worth it other times it's not. One of my biggest fears is being caught in a high pressure situation with clients or operators waiting for me to fix code that I don't fully understand or can't fix easily. So I would say that I tend to do this more often than I need to but it's worth It for my peace of mind. Mark
  5. I wouldn't rely on it too much. There is a reason it is not in the pallet I remember this issue being discussed previously. From this simple test vi I built you can see that it is very inconsistent compared to the other methods. I am curious to know what NI Week session discussed this vi. My guess is that is is designed for RT targets. Mark
  6. Certified 8-30-2010 placed in Remote Control, Monitoring and the Internet Resubmitted on 8-27-2011 due to accidental deletion of file.
  7. I was playing with it on 2011 today and found that if you rename the packed llb and add the lvicon.vi and it's subvis to the resource folder it worked. only my icon editor was called in the new Ni one was not.
  8. Ok looks like it's time to revamp the editor. It's great to know that many members are still using it. I will try to have something new before the FRC season start in January.
  9. I did take videos off every session that I went to with my new hd camcorder that I recently purchased. the problem is that a 1 hour session in about 5.5 gigabytes worth of data. This makes it difficult to post or stream. Michael also has copies of all the videos I took. we are trying to figure out the best way to get the videos to the community. Either throug VI shots or Lava. Also it's very likely that the most popular NI presentations will be respun into webinars in the future.
  10. I would agree that this would be a good feature. This idea does work with LVOOP child classes in a cluster casting them to an array of parents. We use this technique in the Msg routing framework. Please post a link here of you make a suggestion to LVIE
  11. I see two possible ways to approach this issue. The first would be to create two separate Msgs for each, Start A and Start B. When the reentrant waveform Module goes active It figures out which type of module it is A or B and then registers to receive only those Msgs. The second would be to design one Start Msg with an enum that indicates the start type. The waveform module would have to figure out it's correct start enum setting. When the UI sends the start Msg it sets the enum to the correct type. Both reentrant waveform module A and B receive the Msg but if the enum is not the correct type for that module it is ignored. Both methods require that the module have some way of discovering what Msgs it cares about or what specific waveform module it is. This will create some additional coding to make the module more intelligent. The benefit IMHO is you have a very loosely coupled, more reusable, debug able, testable module. Aside from the framework parent class dependencies, Each module is stand alone and totally independent of its caller or callees. It's up to the module developer to figure out how to register, react and send the correct Msgs. Hope this helps Thanks for reviewing the framework Mark
  12. Back to sweet home Chicago. Sadly the greatest week of the summer is over.

  13. http://yfrog.com/h0bhcjpzj

    This is the only boy she is allowed to dance with.

  14. That could not next year.

    1. Cat


      Still a little hung over? :-)

  15. Anyone that doesn't have diner plans we will be Meeting in the Hilton lobby at 6:00 pm. We will decide where to eat then.

  16. 3:00 am that's how to write for Wednesday of NI week. See every one on 5 hours.

  17. At Ceader St. over looking the band. Come party with.

  18. Getting on the bus for the #NIweek party

  19. http://yfrog.com/hsbydbdj

    Ok I know I said it before but this is definatly the best NI week ever!!!!!!

  20. Waiting for the other Champions where are you Jeff K is here

    1. Grampa_of_Oliva_n_Eden


      Spec-ing out a new reactor control system. Where did you expect?

  21. Half way through #NIWeek so far it's been AWSOME

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