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  1. A simple LabVIEW wrapper around the SDL2 DLL and some utility DLLs There are several test VIs which are my attempt to port the Lazy Foo tutorials. All images in the Test directory are taken from the Lazy Foo tutorials. LabSDL2.zip
  2. I had not thought to use the high-res mods as they didn't seem to fit in with the style of the original. However, I did a quick test using the Mega Mod 0.8 that you linked to (thanks!) and actually I quite like it, do you think they are better? Now, if I do use these I probably should also implement the multiple zoom factor thing as the "big" pictures are definitely too big now (but perfect for the fully zoomed in view). 2018-07-21 18-00-50.flv
  3. Added: Chmmr point defense Keyboard inputs for Player 1 Player 1 position override from LabVIEW GUI (for debug) By the way, is anybody interested in my DLL wrappers? (wrappers for SDL2, SDL2 Image, SDL2 Mixer, SDL2 TTF, BASS MOD2) 2018-07-20 20-38-56.flv
  4. Added: Text rendering to hardware accelerated texture Time based animation and physics Race and captain strings in sidebar Three players! (Not really sure if this is sensible as it is going to complicate the AI, just was easy to implement, could actually do N players in current framework) Three-layer parallax scrolling stars Thrust dots Lots of code tidy-ups LabMelee v2 2018_07_13 20_08_11.mp4
  5. Another year, another tiny bit of progress. I have modified my overall architecture to use my current Actor based framework. Next step is to have control over Player 2, implement the basic weapons and then start to implement the AI. Lots of great stuff still to get stuck into. LabMelee v2 2018_07_06 22_44_28.mp4
  6. Turning off Nagle affects all the traffic on the NIC? I thought it was just for the particular socket connection.
  7. Because the native tree control API is terrible. Try something like this, it may make your life easier.
  8. Yes it should be possible, as far as I know a runtime license is like a seat and can be moved to a different PC if needed. I think you can probably just try and install the runtime on the new PC and it might just work. If the licensing fails you will have to contact NI and they should be able to sort it out for you.
  9. Eric that is very interesting indeed! I am going to see if I can get hold of some of these isolators.
  10. I am actually trying to move away from USB cameras to GigE as I have just had so much hassle with the USB ports. I have tried pretty much everything except that galvanic isolator mentioned earlier.
  11. Sorry, I did not mean to come across as hostile at all. I was just typing a quick reply before dashing out. I massively appreciate all the insight that is shared with me here.
  12. shoneill, the issue I have is so random though. The system will work fine for weeks on end and then the camera will rename itself in MAX twice in one day or just fall over and require a full power cycle.
  13. Thanks Eric, The problems I have with cameras are so strange. Also sometimes the cameras get assigned new names in MAX for apparently no reason. I will try one of these converters if I can get my hands on one.
  14. I am using USB cameras (several different vendors on different projects) and have noticed that sometimes my image acquisition fails as the camera has just disconnected (or failed in some manner). My camera is configured for Continuous Acquisition and I am using IMAQdx Get Image 2.vi. When the camera has failed (or is physically disconnected) I do not get any error out of that VI, just the last image is returned. I have tried various other techniques like looking at the buffer number etc but cannot seem to get anything to work reliably. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or a strategy I can employ for figuring out if the camera has failed? Thanks n
  15. Just to comment, I have also been able to get @variables working correctly in a SQL query using the NI DB toolkit using the SQL Server Native Client 11.0 driver.
  16. When something works in the IDE but not in an exe (assuming nothing stupid e.g.e path differences) it very often is a race condition showing up. Never fun to do but can you chuck some delays into your launching code and/or the launched code to simulating running in the IDE which is usually slightly less responsive.
  17. OK turns out I was looking in the wrong place! You have to browse to just System (Not System.Net.Networkinformation) and there it is.. Also the .net API browser courtesy of Microsoft comes in handy https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dotnet/api/system.net.networkinformation.networkinterface.getisnetworkavailable?view=netframework-4.7.1#System_Net_NetworkInformation_NetworkInterface_GetIsNetworkAvailable
  18. Can anybody help me figure out how to run this .net code in LabVIEW bool networkUp = System.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable(); I always seem to fall at the first hurdle with .net, I usually cannot figure out what constructor to use (if any) or in this case even find the method in the GAC or by browsing. As as I understand this method is "global" and does not need any kind of constructor? Any ideas?
  19. It has been so long since I used 2009 (actually I may even have skipped that and gone 8.6 --> 2010), out of curiosity, in your opinion have there been any "must have" features that were introduced after this? When were DVRs introduced, I seem to recall using them in LV2010? Off the top of my head the only thing I can think of is the reworked Web Services.
  20. Thanks Stephen, I will stop messing around with it now. Instead I am figuring out how to tag decorations, what could possibly go wrong
  21. I am troubled by the size on disk of some of my .lvclass files. I have done the usual things like pruning up the mutation history, however there are still some things bugging me. What is NI.LVClass.FlattenedPrivateDataCTL and why is it so big? I have a class which just consists of a bunch of clusters (sure it gets a bit nested but nothing crazy) and this field is nearly 60k characters long What is NI.ClassItem.ConnectorPane" Type="Bin"> This field seems much bigger than I would expect, the data does not seem to match the name...There is one of these for each method VI and some of these can be 2k characters long. Any ideas?
  22. Slightly off topic, but the other day I opened a version of LV I have not used in ages, I think it was 8.5 (maybe it was 2009) and was blown away by the speed of the IDE.
  23. I am just surprised ShaunR is using a version of LabVIEW newer than 2009
  24. After making the switch to all "modules" launched dynamically about five years ago I really cannot imagine now not using my home grown "actor framework" for all projects, regardless of their size. There is just so much good stuff I would have to recode. I cannot speak for the actual Actor Framework though; I never really liked the architecture enough to invest the time in. However watching it from the wings for the last seven or eight year has not really made me think I made the wrong decision.
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