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  1. Thanks for the suggestions; I have used BitMan in the past to do some image scaling. However in this case I am not sure it is going to help me as my background image is "static" i.e. pasted into the FP background.
  2. I have a customer logo, a PNG with a transparent background and I wish to programatically display it on a FP which also happens to have a picture (static) pasted into the background. I have tried to use a native 2D picture control and also a .net Picturebox but cannot get the logo displaying nicely with proper transparency. This is all a bit deja-vu for me as I struggled with a similar issue some years ago however none of those techniques seemed to do the trick now. All the forum posts seem to indicate this is quite a tricky thing to get right. Any ideas?
  3. Not too sure what is going on, will take a look when I get a moment (probably not before Sunday).
  4. Hi James, Thanks for your fantastic work here. Do you have any idea how (if) I can create an enum like this? The bit I am struggling with is upside down triangle decal on the right-hand side. I cannot seem to get it in the right layer that will allow the user to click there. I tried customising one of your flatline controls, and I can replace your small triangle with my desired one, but then as soon as I change the fill colour to anything other than transparent it covers the decal. Any tips?
  5. Bump, confirmed this LabVIEW "feature" is still around in LV2015. This is quite strange behaviour if you are not expecting it. I came across this bug when dealing with clones, all my refnums are unique, but when I search it matches the first clone in the array rather than my actual refnum. The workaround of casting still works fine.
  6. To goal is to recreate StarControl II Super-melee, implemented entirely in LabVIEW (except some drawing and other gfx trickery). Long way to go but gotta start somewhere.Video is of the work I did several years ago before two babies arrived. LabMelee 2017_11_11 21_59_15.mp4
  7. Thanks, I will give it a shot drawing on one of the Graph picture layers.
  8. Hi all, I would like to make a Bar Plot in LabVIEW with the slight difference in that I would like my columns to have a colour gradient to them. All my odd columns will have a certain colour + gradient,and all my even columns will have a different colour + gradient.Ideally also it would be nice to be able to animate the changing heights of these columns. I can probably do this by using the Graph just for the "frame" and axes etc and then manually drawing in the columns into the FG picture, but seems like a lot of work. In the attached picture the Graph is generated in LabVIEW (except the middle column I have pasted over from a different application). Ideally I would like to to this all natively in LabVIEW. The previous app was actually LabVIEW but I do not wish to use the old technique as it is very fiddly and totally bloats the application (hint, the column is actually a picture control), Does anybody have any suggestions?
  9. Not sure if this will help, but in the past when I had issues with DLLs not being found I was able to work around it by calling the SetCurrentDirectory Win32 function just before calling the first DLL function. This was not .NET, just regular C DLLs though.
  10. I definitely second the idea of nuking the mutation history (the most unwanted feature in LabVIEW I have ever come across).
  11. I have given up on 2017 and moving development back to 2015 SP1. I don't need channels, wouldn't mind VIMs but it is not worth the tradeoff. Part of me suspects this is a push to annoy old-timers enough to try out NXG (which I suspect will be ready for prime time no earlier than 2019).
  12. Thanks hooovahh, I did try changing the device ID in windows, something happened in that my sound went "away" from the PC speakers, but I could not find the right device for my headphones. I will play a bit more.
  13. Anybody been able to play sound through the headphone output on a PC? I have exactly the same issue as here. All my other Windows apps play nicely, I can divert sound to my headphone output as needed on the fly using the Windows 10 sound "thing" down in the taskbar without changing any settings in individual applications, but LabVIEW refuses to play on anything but my speakers.
  14. Zyl, personally I trust Bitbucket and their IT staff with backing up my data way more than I trust my Synology NAS (which is great by the way, I have a two bay RAID1 setup and I use it as an additional backup device). LabVIEW knows nothing about my VCS, I do not bother with locking or anything like that. The only setting relevant in LabVIEW is the separate compiled code which helps prevent the old problem of LabVIEW wanting to save 500 VIs just because a typedef changed. Merging can be tricky but if you communicate things properly with the rest of the team and agree who gets to touch what I find it is generally not a problem. (Use Slack, it is a super tool).
  15. I switched over to Mercurial from SVN about five years ago and have never looked back since. I work remotely to the rest of my teams and find the DVCS nature a very good fit. Actually it was a good fit even as a sole developer. I use Bitbucket for hosting, very reasonable price for small teams (free!) I use the TortoiseHg plugin for Windows, I usually version my entire directory which contains docs, source, builds etc. (Not installers though, they cause the repository to get big very quickly).
  16. Yup, that is the key LogMAN referred to in his post. Switching off auto-wiring also fixes the problem. That is the one problem with the beta, I always run it in a VM, so issues like this I assume are just because the VM is getting in the way.
  17. Doesn't seem to have made it into plain 2017. Not sure when SP1 is coming out as now they have moved the release dates around. Perhaps before the end of the year? Not really sure how stuff like this makes it into production. I have a *beast* of a dev machine and am working with a tiny block diagram at the moment but still the grey selection colouring feels so sluggis
  18. Thanks, that partially solved my problems. Dragging in from a different VI works properly now. Still cannot turn off that stupid grey filled selection box which is so sluggish.
  19. I am pretty sure I saw somewhere on the darkside (perhaps in the beta discussion) there is a LabVIEW.ini key to turn all this "goodness" off. I cannot find the thread now that I need it.
  20. I am just getting started with LV2017 on a new project, and have found some horrrible IDE "improvements" that are messing around with my work-flow. The first one is auto-wiring when you drag code into a stucture (as discussed here). My latest gripe is strange behaviour when dragging a VI from one BD window to another. I do this operation quite a bit to copy code. In LV2017 now when I drag a VI in from another VI as soon as it enters the new VI (but before I have released the mouse) it is as if the block diagram of the target VI only refreshes like once a second and so I see my VI jerk around. It does this the primitives as well as other VIs. I cannot comment about LV2016, but at least in LV2015 and every other version I can remember, dragging a VI from one block diagram to another was butter smooth. Anybody else seen this or is it just me?
  21. Found this on LinkedIn. https://0patch.blogspot.co.za/2017/09/0patching-rsrc-arbitrary-null-write.html Not going to pretend I follow most of what they are talking about, I am just surprised that something as niche as LabVIEW is even being tested for vulnerabilities.
  22. I have fought this for close to a decade trying to get a slick splash screen that does not exhibit some stupid behavour like spawning before the application is even ready to run (so showing toolbars etc), not being centered etc. I currently have the same code that works differently on difference PCs due to their speed. Eventually I just stopped getting annoyed by ignoring everything as virtually nobody even comments on it.
  23. I have just wrapped the VI mentioned by the link hooovah posted in some code that iterates over all the classes in my project. I really have no use for the mutation history and wish I could permanently turn it off. Also I think it is buggy especially when classes contain classes that have changed or been renamed. Seen some terrible IDE bugs related to this.
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