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  1. You did not read my post. This is a LabVIEW 2019 project. Yet somehow NXG is not smart enough to know this.
  2. Just for fun I tried the code conversion utility on a 2019 project I am working on. This: Got turned into this: Yeah, that is a no then... Totally ignoring the 1300 things I have to attend to manually just look at the project tree. Urgh....
  3. My experiment with NXG is now over. A simple web page has taken about 5x longer than I had planned for. Some of this is due to me underestimating the nuances of the web module but most of it has been me fighting the new IDE. The other night instead of happily diving into some after dinner software development fun I was actually filled with dread at the thought of having to open NXG and finish what I started, it really is that unpleasant to use. For me, NXG is nowhere near usable in a real project that I expect to have to develop, maintain and make money off. Some stuff seems to work, but
  4. https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-12786/product_id-25696/NI-Labview.html
  5. OK I see. Interesting I never really thought about doing anything like that. I will keep that technique in my pocket for next time I am doing 1D array stuff. Thanks!
  6. It is so interesting how everyone uses LabVIEW differently. For me, the ability to stop a running application and still have the Front Panel of a particular sub VI open and then, without doing any more work, run it continuously and allow me to debug is so valuable.
  7. Wow, now I really am interested! Can you post a picture of something neat you can do with a Set? I have not really had the "aha!" moment yet with Sets.
  8. I am a bit late to the Map party. I love them though, thanks NI. 🤩 For those that have not tried them, take a quick look. I have only used the Map a few times (so cannot comment on Sets) but the API is nice and simple. Goodbye Variant Attributes 🙂
  9. NXG actually seems quite good at figuring out what I am looking for with quick drop; I just type the name of the primitive and it appears. This is good as I cannot identify anything because the new icons all look totally weird to me...
  10. I am not convinced this is a good idea to promote these to mere mortals though. Someone new to LabVIEW might actually try and use and remember this (instead of just typing the "<" symbol which also works...) Also, as a leftie my right hand hovers on the arrow keys when programming, so nowhere near the left hand side of the keyboard.
  11. I am not sure if I have mentioned that the fist time NXG starts it essentially freezes my computer so hard I cannot even click anywhere else (like the Windows start menu) or bring up the Windows task manager. This hard freeze lasts anywhere from 30s to 60s. Thankfully things are better after subsequent launches.
  12. You mean like this? That is possible. Obviously for the sake of change a colon is now used to separate the elements, because hey they were changing everything else, right?.
  13. Your two blog posts are really interesting reading, thanks for taking the time to document your experience. You really are persistant! This is a really nice writeup that will probably be totally ignored by all the managers and c# developers at NI and their sub contractors. Your example of setting the scale ranges just screams .net interface! Yuck 😞 Same with this unbundling drama in classes. No LabVIEW developer would look at the technique in NXG and come to the conclusion that is a good experience.
  14. And I had totally forgotten Run Continuously has been removed. Like all good citizens I don't use this for actually running anything, but it is so helpful when debugging. In Current Gen when I have a VI that is misbehaving and I already have all the data "pre-loaded" in the controls I turn on the Retain Wire Values, click Run Continuously and I can just hover my mouse over the wires and can usually very quickly spot the mistake in my code. Why is a feature like this removed? Sure, it is not a great thing to use this to actually run my application, but why removed it? Hide it away so
  15. The GUI of NXG is unfortunately stuck in 2010. Perhaps forever. The depressing thing is I don't even want to know how much money has been sunk into development.
  16. Apparently X is now delete. (As an aside, not sure why the "X" is different sizes on these two icons. Also why do some of these things have blue overlays (like the Create Recursive) but not others (Like Create File Suffix or Check If File Of Folder Exists)) oh no wait, it is not. Here X is close. Here it is close. And now we use the bin for delete. Sigh...
  17. Why do web VIs have a different file extension? Now I have not used these on NXG but I sincerely hope we don't have a different file extension for RT and FPGA VIs.
  18. Speaking of quickdrop... "esseqz" really just flows out of the fingertips does it not? (Thankfully just by typing "Less" in the quickdrop you get want you want). I think the machine learning algorithm that was used to generate these "shortcuts" might need a bit more training data. Pity the algorithm did not at some point put their hand up and say, hang on, this is a bit crazy. Just look at the others, "ess" for Less... "erg" for Retain First Error
  19. Please do give it another whirl. Certainly it is getting better just most of the pain points we have been moaning about for literally years are not being addressed. I feel this feedback is just going nowhere. It is quite telling that the devs of NXG do not monitor LAVA (I agree with you). I wish NI could show us a just a single medium or large application that is being developed in NXG. Thankfully Current Gen is still fantastic and just getting better, but at some point (probably in less than five years) work is just going to be stopped and then it will slowly wither into irrelevanc
  20. I really like the auto-alignment feature of the Front Panel, but why is this disabled when designing a new gtype? There seems to be no snap at all so getting things to line up nicely in a cluster is a lot more work than it should be.
  21. Anyone want to guess what is in the bottom icon? (Not to be confused with the Cluster which looks quite similar and is just above it). Yes, you guessed right. Decorations and control references! Because those definitely deserve to be grouped together. But just to further confuse things, they are now called Data Placeholders. I am sorry, I just cannot believe this GUI was designed by anyone who has actually used LabVIEW in any capacity or that this is the result of 8 years of iteration.
  22. Buttons? Come on... what is wrong with saying they are Booleans? "True and False" data? Phew glad this was changed. What is next, renaming a DMA FIFO to "magic thingy the computer does to get data into the memory stuff without bothering the brains bit"?
  23. Selectors, seriously? This was the best name the committee came up with?
  24. These are not actually Data Types. There are palettes for manipulation of data.
  25. Why are there two different representations of clusters and arrays?
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