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  1. Thanks AQ, you are the first to actually spell this out in words that make sense to engineers. Not sure too many here are going to like it though! ps: I liked your post due to its honesty and absence of marketing weasel words, not because I think this is a particularly good strategy for NI. Maybe I have just had a weird career but in the 20 years or so I have been developing LabVIEW based solutions virtually never would a custom off-the-shelf piece of software like Signal Express or similar come anywhere close to doing what I needed it to and it would require so much customisation th
  2. The new colour scheme is growing on me, I quite like the green. The logo I think is entirely forgettable but this is really not important to me. Regarding the name change, were we not already referring to them as NI anyway? I think what we are forgetting is that none of this guff is for us... we are already customers and need no reminding of the benefits of spending your whole instrumentation budget on a cRIO! This stuff is to get the next million customers, the young engineers who might have never heard of National Instruments. The slogan is meant to ignite passion in young people, not t
  3. I did look at your Github page but did not try your code as I though it was the broker only. However upon closer examination I see it does include a client also. Would it be of interest to you to see if I can get it connecting to my Azue IoT hub? Edit: there seems to be an error in the project, the two Destroy.vi are not there. Removing them manually seems to fix the Test Server e I did try make the TLS changes and connect with sensible parameters but it did not seem to work. I can try again tomorrow if you like, otherwise I am probably going to park this here for now as
  4. Mixed messages here... I was poking around tonight trying to bring a cRIO VM up to speed and realised just how many places on disk or in MAX and other applications they use the name National Instruments. Changing all those over to NI is going to be a job even bigger than developing NXG! This is going to get pretty confusing to the next generation of ambitious engineers using the products.
  5. WOOT! Just tested this MQQT library running on a simulated cRIO in a VM and it also works and can talk to my Azure IoT hub 🤩
  6. Wow that does look pretty similar! I guess the missing square in the top right corner makes all the difference though, there is no way anyone could get confused. I am not sure sure about the colour appearing in NXG though. new-NI has collected lots of data which conclusively proves that engineers and scientists are actually put off by colour and so are sticking to light grey, dull grey and washed out grey.
  7. This is the only change I made to the MQTT library. Simples 🙂
  8. @mads Awesome, it works! Thank you for your suggestion. I did not realise TLS could be done "simply", I was messing around with certificates and stuff and getting nowhere!
  9. Thanks, I did actually search but did not press enter and just bailed when the Keywords list was empty!
  10. Yes I am more than happy to pay for a commercial toolkit, but I did try this out also and it did not connect either. I will get in touch with them I think 🙂
  11. Wow, 2020 could really do with an example of how to use TLS!
  12. Thank Francois. I believe Azure does support 3.1 but I cannot recall where I saw this info. I think the problem is the missing TLS which I am now digging into. Now I am down a rabbit hole of security concepts and terminology that I have only ever had a passing interest in. TLS, X.509, primary thumbprints 🤯
  13. Thanks, I am actually already about half-way through the 2020 installation so I can check out the TLS stuff. That library you mentioned is what I am using, I did try modifying all the settings that seem sensible (for example Azure IoT hub uses port 8883) but it still does not work. Actually the connect seems to work, and the publish does not give any errors but no data appears in my hub. I am still very much a newbie in Azure IoT so there is a lot to learn for me.
  14. Hi, I am trying to send a simple message to an Azure IoT hub. I am pretty new to all this, but have followed a few tutorials and Pluralsight courses and can successfully send a message from VS Code to my hub. What I have not been able to do yet is send a message using LabVIEW. I have tried several different MQTT libraries, without any success. Has anyone done this kind of thing before and can offer guidance on which toolkit they used? I am using VSCode to generate the SAS token and using that as the password. Edit: I have been able to send some messages using simple C# code
  15. The whole IDE is unacceptably sluggish. Doing any kind of block diagram create/remove space feels terrible. Everything just takes a few hundred ms to a second longer than it ought to. Tearing out tabs into new windows feels so heavy. When I start NXG now from fresh I get a total system freeze where I cannot even interact with the OS for about 30 s. It does not happen on subsequent openings but is still quite disconcerting.
  16. You guys lost me days ago, but I love reading this. Please continue to share 🙂
  17. Yes James, I had one with Jeff and one of the dev team from India last week. We had a nice candid chat. He clarified the position that NXG is not really intended for advanced users at this stage. One of the problems is that NI is now such a vast organisation and everyone is clawing their way up the corporate food chain so there is no real consistency. The issues with the software is always because of the other guy who was in the position previously (my words, not Jeffs). Rinse repeat and now we are 8 years in with a GUI that looked dated three years ago and a UX paradigm that should never
  18. The double semicolons will result in empty array elements in those locations.
  19. Holy guacamole! When did this make it into vanilla LabVIEW? I have been using the OpenG one for so long now... it is present in 2019 and not in 2015.. I noticed its opposite number is also now in, nice 🙂
  20. Thanks, I cannot believe I did not see the Data Entry Limits as part of the slider properties! For some reason the DigDisps[] property caught my attention and I thought this was the right place to go poking around. This works (as expected!).
  21. Thanks Jeff, I have sent the calendly link (but I could not find the bit where we pick the Option 1 or Option 2, sorry! I would like to chat about how I use LabVIEW today).
  22. I am struggling with something I would have assumed is trivial. All I want to do is to be able to programatically set the range of a slider (and also its digital display. I had assumed the digital display would take the same range as the slider but apparently they are separate items.) Anyway, a simple example is shown here and does not work, the Error 1192 comes from the second property node. The first property node correctly sets the slider range. I guess I am being stupid here, can anyone suggest what is wrong with my code? Temperature Slider.vi
  23. None of the NI devs come here, this is LAVA after all. (/ducks)
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