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  1. Absolutely. This is such a good tool it is a bit sad NI does not officially endorse this. By the way I found this thread a bit more current https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Real-Time-Idea-Exchange/Provide-a-Virtual-Machine-VM-in-which-to-run-LV-RT-systems-on/idi-p/1069833#comments In particular this post with step-by-step instructions on how to begin: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Real-Time-Idea-Exchange/Provide-a-Virtual-Machine-VM-in-which-to-run-LV-RT-systems-on/idc-p/3953070/highlight/true#M598 with a bit of further info instruction here to get the embedded GUI up an
  2. Update: OK this does "just work". I did what @JKSH tried and ran with a VM image and the results are good. In the video attached I have a re-entrant actor I instantiate twice (just by dropping it on the BD twice). I have not tried building this into an rtexe but I presume it should also work. Works fine as an rtexe also 🙂 2020-07-15 20-39-31.mkv
  3. Thanks everyone. Sorry I should have made it a bit more clear, I am familiar with the embedded UI in the Linux based RT environment, I have used it on several projects. My question is more around the inconsistency. I can get some windows to show up in the Windows host under some circumstances and this is what was confusing me. I am designing a lightweight actor framework that runs on RT (nothing at all to do with the NI AF) and part of this is the ability to show or hide FP windows. I plan on mostly using this for debugging as the system will normally run headless but I want to
  4. Yes I am seeing that too. The project window opens suspiciously fast after I have closed it in my LV2020 project.
  5. Am I being dumb here? I have a linux based cRIO and have two problems, surely related: I want a VI to show its FP when called (just using the tick boxes in the SubVI Node Setup config) I want to be able to programmatically show and hide front panel windows. I pass a message to one of my running VIs and tell it to open the FP Window Neither of these seem to work. In (1) the SubVI is definitely running it just does not show the FP window and (2) the method to open the FP window executes and there is no error in the code but nothing visibly changes Now, this is not t
  6. Confirmed in LV2019 64-bit and LV2020 32-bit running on Windows. Urgh this is horrible 😞 but I am actually kinda surprised I missed this as I am finishing up quite a large 2019 project and moving stuff around in the project is something I do quite regularly for housekeeping. As you said, it was difficult before but possible. I am hoping this is just a bug and not an added "feature" that the "data" told NI that customers wanted. My latest weird project bug with LV2020 is when I close the project it does not automatically close any windows I had open 🤬
  7. By the way, this has also fixed the issue I forgot to mention that right-clicking in the project also took a really long time to bring up the first instance of the menu.
  8. Cool, I will do the full mass compile this evening.
  9. Nice tip Darren, thanks that did seem to work. Got heaps of errors when mass compiling though! Will do it again sometime and log the results to disk.
  10. Just did a quick test. Started LV2020, did not start or open a project just created a new VI. Did some simple stuff and then created a Sub VI from some of the diagram contents. Just doing this took nearly 30s 😞
  11. I have been using LV2020 for a bit recently and have noticed that it is extremely slow to create a SubVI from a selection. This is the kind of thing I do quite often and I am used to it happening mostly instantaneously. In LV2020 this operation now causes the LabVIEW process to ramp up CPU usage and my laptop fans start to spin noisily and about 30s later I get my SubVI. Anyone else seen this?
  12. @pawhan11 yes this was done because the "data" said that more people create a constant, so it should be at the top of the menu. Truly wish NI would stop f*cking around with stuff like this and fix NXG. There are tokens to turn it off but I have not bothered and instead just learning to get used to it.
  13. Nope, don't use it. I use my own logger I wrote myself. I am intrigued with the idea of using a DB for log messages in that I can get clever and do queries and things but at the end of the day human readable text files will probably trump for me due to their simplicity of consumption.
  14. Thanks @Jim Kring. The RC installed fine on my PC and editing the ini file to turn off the auto-start also seems to work.
  15. Not really tried sourcetree enough to make an educated comparison. I really like the look and feel of GitKraken and am now invested in learning how to use it properly. Also, at the time I was super annoyed with Atlassian for the way they handled the sunsetting of Mercurial and was fed up with dealing with their snail-slow Bitbucket servers all the time so I just picked up my toys, set aside a week or so to move 30 repositories over and now am a happy Github koolaid drinker.
  16. @jksh thanks for the explanation. In every other VCS I have used I can pretty much arbitrarily move around the changesets without fear. All I did was roll back to check out some earlier code and my recent changes just "disappeared" from the client. That is very unexpected behaviour. Sure, I was able to get them back by looking up the commits using the reflog because they were not truly missing, but it is really strange behaviour to me. Not wanting to sidetrack the discussions, I now using Plastic SCM at work where I do Unity and C# dev and its really quite nice to use. Apparently it is ba
  17. Try GitKraken, it is not free if you want to access private repos on GitHub (which I do) but I really like the interface and does everything I need apart from showing the reflog which I believe Fork does show.
  18. I have recently embarked on this same journey and also found things to be way less intuitive than Hg. Which client are you using? I found GitHub desktop awful and am now using GitKraken which I really like. Just a few days ago I "lost" some work by rolling back to the "wrong" commit. I was able to get back my commit by reverting to the commit using the hash which can be found by running: git reflog I seem to get into a Detached head state quite often. No idea what I am doing wrong but have sort of figured out how to recover from it. Was not able to see the commits from anot
  19. Quick update. I can send data from my cRIO to an Azure IoT hub, from there pass it to an Azure Streaming Analytics job which pumps the data into an Azure SQL DB and also to a Power BI Dashboard. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to fall into place 🙂
  20. Now that you mention it I have not either.
  21. Uninstalled 2020 when my computer fan was spinning up for no apparent reason and then I seem some VIPM Browser stuff chewing at my CPU. That is odd, I thought I disabled it.... oh wow the tickboxes cannot be unselected so last time I thought I was turning it off I was actually doing nothing. Installing 2019, thanks for the link @Michael Aivaliotis. By the way got any hacks to allow VIPM 2019 to manage LV2020 packages? This sucks 😞
  22. @Rolf Kalbermatter when is your kickstarter launching? You know the one where you write all this useless but interesting crap down in a nice coffee table book. I would back this project...
  23. Yeah I was quite surprised to see the new VIPM hidden away even when I thought it was turned off. Run with Windows start? Hmmm, no there is enough other crap starting then. Run with LabVIEW start? What??? Are you joking? LOL never.
  24. I used something like this about 5 years ago in a lab test. Interfacing with it over VISA was really easy it pretty much performed flawlessly.
  25. Is this what you want? I still don't really understand the subtleties of all the different scientific vs floating point formats and normally just play around until I get what I want. I find going into the Advanced numeric formatting is a huge help as it basically tells you the exact formatting string to use. Especially useful for timestamps!
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