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  1. I get this only Chrome (up to date on WIn 7-64), it seems to be working fine in Firefox (up to date on WIn 7-64).
  2. I like the new look. I have a probem, after loggin in, if I click on "Home" I get disconnected.
  3. ufff... before VIPM there was an open source "equivalent", it's the OpenG Commander
  4. There is no shame in asking for help, it's only if you never ask questions that you'll remain ignorant all your life It's probably all about settings in the INI files next to your EXEs. Have a look at this discussion. First your 2 EXEs have to use different ports ; to set the port, use "server.tcp.port=3385" in the INI file next to your EXE Then the VIs in EXE A that need to be accessed from EXE B needs to be declared in the b.INI with something like "server.vi.access = "+vi_name.vi;+other_vi_name.vi;...etc..." Hope this helps
  5. I sometimes use LabVIEW on a mac and can help for testing, ping me if you'd like me to run some tests for you.
  6. Do you think a discount on your Developer Suite annual fee based on how many unresolved CAR you own is a good idea? Or maybe you'd prefer a bug bounty program? See here
  7. I've been lucky to never have to deal with that kind of challenges :-o
  8. As much as what you say is true, it's no reason to discourage people from trying
  9. 1) I don't really know the answer for sure, I saw that though :http://www.ehe-lab.com/OpenCV_Wrapper.html, I admit I have no idea how openCV compares to Cognex, Keyence, Matrox, Halcon, NI VDM, etc... 2) NI's OCR and pattern matching are far behind the competitors, so if there is a way to integrate something that give better results I am very interested 3) If I can be of any help I'll be glad, I have to say though that I've never coded in any other language than LabVIEW so integrating dll into LabVIEW is not my cup of tea. Cheers
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