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  1. Any chance this package will ever support Linux RT targets? I would love if it could I guess it means integrating libPQ.so, right?
  2. Are Italian LV developers more prone to producing spaghetti code? 🤨
  3. Has this option ever been evaluated by NI? I mean by the top management?
  4. Laying off 9% of the workforce, mostly in sales and admin. It might indicate a dramatic change of strategy. New CEO, new logo, new strategy. For sure there's a lot going on inside of NI. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Learn Python?
  5. I'm sorry for asking - you might not want to answer - before taking on this new job, did you know that NI was going to "drop" NXG? And what's your view on this?
  6. They can have different label, but I can't think of anything else. If I'm not mistaken, the borders of the object are white if the value is equal to the default value and black if different from the default value. What is your use case?
  7. I had the same issue, it's actually because the login is you "name" not the email address you used to create the account, I was confused by that but if you read carefully the site tells you that. As far as I can remember the contact us worked fine for me and the support told me the trick. The error 1357 message is confusing, not sure who's to blame, LabVIEW or VIPM, but again, I would suggest to post on the JKI forum. At the same time if you care to open source this project and place it on a hosted service like Github (or any other) the community might be able to help you on the code AND on the package building. As for me I've had many failres while building packages with VIPM but never that one...
  8. This looks interesting, I've created a QControl and really enjoyed the concept, haven't dug too much into Y controls but it looks interesting, are you developing this alone or as an open source project? I get the same error when building the VIP, you should post here I think : https://forums.jki.net/forum/5-vi-package-manager-vipm/ to get some support, JKI is usually quite responsive.
  9. Thank you for sharing your package and thank you event more to make them easily available on VIPM.io!
  10. I'm not sure exactly how it went but when VIPM.io came up I did send feedback to JKI that managing versions of "unpublished" packages was a pain in the back. Right now, here is the list of unpublished packages that I use, somehow, if these could make it to some online repo (VIPM Community of whatever else) it would be nice. There used to be more of them. A couple of days after my feedback to JKI, "some" packages that were listed as "unpublished" in VIPM, moved to "VIPM Community" (amongst them some of Hooovahh's packages), thus making my like easier. I assumed JKI had asked the publisher of those packages to do whatever it takes to make that change. I hope this is not creating frustration for anyone 😮
  11. Hello Map lovers I've just posted an idea on the NI Exchange to suggest an option to have reverse indexing option on a for loop. https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW-Idea-Exchange/Reverse-order-indexing-for-Map-on-for-loop/idi-p/4088548
  12. I do not. Not yet hopefully. I work in a team of 4 devs, I'm pretty sure submodules - if well mastered - could help us improve the way we collaborate but even after watching Greg's talk I'm not feeling confident enough to dive in and drag my 3 co-devs in this. Yet.
  13. "unlisted" should be enough to hide away from lurkers, no?
  14. That's what i suspected when I read that vipm.io is for community packages So I don't really see the point of a private list
  15. We have some packages that we want to share within the company and maybe sometimes with a few developers from outside of the company and I just wanted to know how confident I can be that no one else is going to be able to access these packages.
  16. your questions is sooo clear maybe this can help : https://github.com/unipsycho/LabVIEWdotNetDataGrid
  17. I have used it and I have a question about the package list that we can create : a list can be private / unlisted / public, how "safe" is private? I mean, can I upload there the VIPs that I want no one have access to?
  18. At the end of the video you don't go too much into details about the missing block diagrams, I also noticed that the icon of the subvi is missing - that's not very important - but I was wondering if the connector pane is available, which leads me to my next question : after recreating the VIs from the EXE, if you replace the subVI with a newly created one with the same connector pane, are you able to generate the EXE?
  19. @hooovahh Hi, Somehow, I have Array VIMS installed on my computer, the latest version here on LAVA CR is, I can't quite remember where I found Has it been publish and them removed or is it just well hidden? Edit : Ha, I see it comes as a dependency of the Tremendous TDMS package
  20. When I run the install of VIPM I always run it as admin, and then set the VIPM EXE to always run as admin. I'd lower the level of the UAC to the lowest option and disable the anti-virus if you have one.
  21. Funny enough I've seen the opposite situation where an alliance partner company has been using NI HW+LabVIEW for years (rather successfully) and a new CTO was hired to give a new dynamic to the company, but he (the new CTO) thinks NI HW is too expensive and LabVIEW is slow and unstable by nature and definitely not a good tool for any industrial application ; so the lad is slowly but surely pushing his team to use some "real programming language". I was wondering if anyone has seen similar situations?
  22. AQ, I fully agree with hooovahh, if the event's point was to convey the message you summed up in a few lines, then I think it failed to be clear - didn't fail to be loud though. (side note : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx7v815bYUw) Maybe we, LAVA people, are just a bunch of nerds who are too focused on technical none-sense to understand anything about corporate strategy. Aren't we obtuse. Anyway, thank you for cutting through the marketing blur and explaining with direct language.
  23. I completely agree. New CEO, new start, new world, new logo, new slogan. Good, that's the life of a large company trying too keep up with evolution. Hope it works. Something "extraordinary"... either I need to get a new dictionary or they do.
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