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  1. That was my concern four years ago yesterday...
  2. Shaun's link doesn't work. Here's the Quick Drop plugin he referred to that does what you want, sorta... The navigation feature doesn't completely work as I lost interest in developing the plugin before getting all of the wrinkles out. It does a WHOLE LOT MORE, though, that you may like. I wrote it because I had Case structures with too many states. Those left/right arrow buttons do what you're looking for, albeit imperfectly. They'll kinda-sorta let you navigate through your history (that you've made using the plugin). It works well enough that I can/do use it, but it makes unintuitive mistakes. The rest of the tool lets you see all of the states, activate one, rename/move/delete/create... It's a life-saver when working with the type of software you described. It requires the JKI State Machine, but not their Right-Click Framework (that stopped working years ago so I converted it to Quick Drop). It only works in LabVIEW 2012. The link to the NI Quick Drop Community page is the latest-and-cough-greatest version.
  3. I wish I could "Like" this twice. Thanks so much.
  4. Here's an article that answers The Oatmeal's comic about Tesla & Edison. They're both interesting reads, but the comic is funnier.
  5. I just got this article in my inbox titled To Invent Like Edison, Learn to Collaborate. It made me think of the reading I've done about Nikola Tesla and the suggestions that Edison was a thief less productive than history would have us believe. This quote, in a book by his great-grandniece, made me smile: I'll be he did!
  6. Not all of the rss links fail, but this one does. It seems that Google Reader is able to see past this error and give me my LAVA fix, but Google Reader is going away and I want rss!
  7. Could it be the "Get Strings from Enum__ogtk.vi" that you're looking for?
  8. I installed http://selfoss.aditu.de/ If you have a web server you can have your own reader that'll never turn its back on you and leave you wondering what you've done wrong even though all you've ever tried to do was to love it and...
  9. Welcome to LAVA. You'll find your answer at the bottom of the page:
  10. It has been saved. http://theoatmeal.com/blog/tesla_museum_saved They'll need more money, though...
  11. This surprised me just a little - http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shred444/drive-with-dash (between /projects/ and /drive-with-dash).
  12. Does anybody have this file? I recall seeing it a long time ago and I want it again. Thanks, Jim
  13. I found this on the NI forum. I'd never have figured that out...
  14. I just read the part about closing the sub VI; I'm not sure I understand the situation or that my snippet will help.
  15. I used Shared Variables in a project about seven years ago to communicate between a Windows touch-panel and a RT controller. I thought I was having a similar issue until I realized that it took as long as 0.03 seconds for a SV to update. Are you relying on a write in the initialization to be read in the downstream loop? It could be that your code gets there before the SV actually updates. Maybe not.
  16. Algorithms I begins, again, next week, just in time to finish before Algorithms II begins in March. I didn't finish part 1 so I've enrolled in it again. I decided early on that I wasn't going to bother with the assignments in Java. I'll try to work them in LabVIEW...
  17. You're safe with me. This reminds me that I need to make this into a Quick Drop plugin.
  18. An example of an appeal to emotion. That's how far enforcement of copyright naturally extends. If I don't stop selling my paper when I'm told and, if I resist what I feel to be an unjust arrest, does the enforcement just stop? Do we only enforce copyright with people that will stop when they're told to? Or, do we use whatever force is necessary to gain compliance?
  19. All I hear are red herrings and appeals to emotion. If I own a piece of paper and a pen, and I write on that paper something that I read somewhere else, the natural conclusion to copyright arguments is that the original author and/or government is justified in using whatever force is necessary (including murder) to prevent me from selling it.
  20. You're absolutely correct, I know. I'm saying that copyright is absurd! To think that legislation can redefine words...
  21. I understand your point of view; I just disagree with it. When we use words like "theft" and "property" and "stealing" we're not far away from using words like "crime" and "enforcement" and "arrest". If someone "steals" software, then it seems natural to "punish" them for it. Now, if the only damage you can point to is that the original author "has potentially lost that single sale" I say that there's no evidence that a crime was committed. Please, Mr. District Attorney, put me on that jury. I'm sorry for taking this thread so far off topic... At least we have a few good options for setting Retain Wire Values in our LV2012 projects.
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