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  1. I'm a little disappointed by the lack of April Fools' Day activity. Perhaps I just missed it all.

  2. hooovahh's post represented my immediate reaction to your offer; I look forward to the source. Of course, why should you trust us? Once we see how you did it, we can write whatever we want as a high score to the "altervista space".
  3. I think I'm starting to get it. The Actor Framework, that is.

  4. You'll add the random number and a different constant for each row you make. The random number generated will be between 0 and 1, so, for the first row you'll need to add zero; add one for the second row, etc. Try making nested loops and see what you get. Do you understand how rows & columns of a 2D array are generated in this fashion? Are you familiar with the For loop's "i" and "N" terminals? Show me your code, Wireworker, and I'll show you mine.
  5. Where do your numbers originate? You can use nested For loops, an Addition node and a random number generator.
  6. You can "Print" VI documentation to html.
  7. I work with tight controls on what we can do with computers on our company's network. The idea has been tossed around that we could build our own computers that never see the network so we can retain admin control over them. Then, using a networked & not-under-our-control PC with two network cards, we can present the Front Panel of our application from the "free" PC to the "non-free" PC.
  8. Here's a Quick Drop plugin that loads all cases into a Tree, and the elements are draggable to reorder the cases - https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-24058 It used to be a RCF plugin in the LAVA CR - https://lavag.org/files/file/90-caseselect/
  9. I love listening to you guys.

  10. I don't understand a thing you're saying...

  11. ... resiting the urge to download.

  12. Write your own function. Seriously, though, you need to share more information about what you're trying to do.
  13. The more you explain, the more confused I get.
  14. I'm not clear on your intent. I think you'd be better off setting all of the pins and a delay in each row. If you don't want a delay, just set it to zero. ExcelTest2.txt
  15. Why are you initializing an array in your For loop? You want to replace elements; here's a very quick way to accomplish that: Also, you don't need to use (ever) the Stop command; just put all of your logic in the other case.
  16. Adding calls to the "Idle" state is an easy way to allow a long process to run without hanging the UI (and without launching an actor).
  17. Maybe he's smarter than everybody else?

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