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  1. You've run up against the difference between the Measurement I/O and Instrument I/O pallets. Try using the Instrument I/O Assistant. You'll be able to communicate with your Agilent 34970A with that.
  2. Another bubble burst. I thought that was a portrait and that Shane was a really tough astronaut.
  3. All the discussion I've seen regarding similar needs ended up following some form of hooovahh's advice. There's a lot of communication going on behind-the-scenes in order to accomplish the load making it not worth the effort to build something you can call from a command line.
  4. Will this work - http://lavag.org/files/file/117-abort-vi/
  5. I can't convert it for you, but someone here can. http://forums.ni.com/t5/Version-Conversion/bd-p/VersionConversion
  6. I recently took delivery of two ATEs from G2 Technologies in Apex, NC. They're a good bunch of people. I used to work there, but they've grown a lot in the past few years so I don't know many of the developers or instructors. Have fun.
  7. I bought it but tossed it to the side when I had trouble getting the Arduino driver working. It's worth the price just for the LabVIEW license, though. My son has it on his computer.
  8. That's well and good until you realize that someone like me was on the first page for a long time. I managed one RCF plugin that got a bit of attention for a while, and most of the rest of my posts were "liked" because I was being silly. That's my legacy
  9. This'll get your list right. I rewrote some of your VI to demonstrate how I'd approach your problem: The only other event handles Panel Close?.
  10. I made a comment in the NI BreakPoint forum with a quote I read today: "I am starting to think that no matter how smart you are, you are not smart enough to code in C."
  11. jcarmody

    Cross post?

  12. Can someone recommend a simple actor-oriented architecture? That's a subjective question, I know... Many years ago I wanted to try my hand at OO programming, so I picked Java and began coding an application which ended up with an enormous main() method that did nearly everything (poorly, too). I clearly didn't get OO; I knew that I was using the language incorrectly but I didn't know how to begin. I later took a Java course which removed the mental block and I was able to refactor my code to use appropriate objects, each with their own properties and methods. It was beautiful Extending the application became ridiculously easy. I have a similar mental block with actors. Please help me take a step, there's a roadblock that I just can't see past. Thank you.
  13. Search and Replace String
  14. You really haven't provided any information. What hardware are you using? What have you tried? What isn't working? Your language is fine.
  15. Project Probe is not only "NOT on the LabVIEW Tools Network", it's not on LAVA or ni.com either. From the OP: "I'm looking for great free or paid tools [...]" Tease.
  16. A few of us have converted RCF plugins into QD.
  17. There is a recent discussion on NI's forum that might help. This idea on the Idea Exchange says that configuring Event cases is implemented in LV2013. Are you using 2009?
  18. I need someone to ELI5 how to get started using the Actor model.

  19. Access and MS SQL Server One of my colleagues used MySQL on one system until he was able to put it on our network. Switching from MySQL to SQL Server was a piece of donught. [*]We use the generic database schema [*]We write our own If you have a basic understanding of relational databases, and once you understand the schema, you can decide how to review the data. DIAdem is worth looking at. I'm barely functional with TestStand and databases (certainly not an expert) and only answered to assure you that it's not difficult. I've been thinking about moving our entire operation to TestStand to leverage its "test executive" features, database storage being very important to me in terms of getting our Quality operation on the same page across product lines. Good luck.
  20. The VI doesn't, necessarily, need to stop on an error. Some should be handled in such a way that the application can continue.
  21. I just drop it on the Block Diagram of another VI and open it from there. It doesn't run when opened that way. That variable is from the JKI State Machine, from which I refactored this VI because not everybody uses it.
  22. Build specifications for a project that I wrote before LV2013 now take forever to build (application and executable), while LV2012 took only minutes.
  23. If you have a SSP you can take the online classes - http://sine.ni.com/tacs/app/overview/p/bot/no/ap/of/lang/en/ol/en/oc/us/pg/1/sn/n24:1334,n5:selfpacedonline,n8:33/id/1603/
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