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LAVA Gets an Upgrade


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The LAVA forums have just been updated to the latest version which includes several cool new features. Let us know what you think.

During the upgrade, some avatars got replaced with profile pictures. You now only have one image for yourself which is used in your profile and as an avatar. If you are looking for your old avatar, see the attached zip file which contains all the custom LAVA avatars. You can find your old one in there.


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Is the portal view gone, or am I just unable to find it? Is it meant to be the "View unread Content"-page?

Having one page to go to to see an overview of the latest activity (wheter read or not) across the whole site was very practical.

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See attached image. You have to click on the dot next to the post title.

OK, but I was confused by this as well. Having to click on the dot didn't seem to be intuitive. It just looked like, well, a dot.

I also noticed that the Unread Content seems to have been wiped. When I went in this morning it showed there was no unread content from my last login, which was late last week, and I know there have been posts since then. Like this one. Just FYI. I'm assuming the Unread Content will work correctly at this point going forward.

I notice one formatting issue: On the Site News main page there's extra space on one of the threads (see attached). Unclear as to why. I did perform a cache clean.


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I notice one formatting issue: On the Site News main page there's extra space on one of the threads (see attached). Unclear as to why. I did perform a cache clean.

There should be an ad there, between the first and second topics. If you have some kind of ad-blocker, or if some ad doesn't load for some reason, I guess it would create that kind of gap.

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Hmmmm, but the old version of the site gave a nice mobile browser version that didn't need any 3rd party phone app (says he with a phone that is pretty much filled up with apps now :rolleyes: . I was sorta hoping to get that back again...

It does exist. You don't really need an app. I'll look into fixing this. Not sure why this is happening.

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I love the new Unread Content page! It is very functional and once you get used to it, you'll find it better than the old portal page.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for all the work you do on running LAVA, I like the new feel of the site.

But I am afraid I to miss the portal view, specifically on a Monday or if I am out of work a couple of days. I like to see what has been posted over the last ... well however long I have been away really, I then first thing do a quick read through well skim through, some of the things that look interesting and make a mental note of things I want to read in more detail later in the day. In the portal view there are still there in that same view to come back to later.

In the unread contents view those items have now gone as I have looked at them.

Maybe I just need to change my process of using the LAVA site.



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