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SHA-1, SHA-2 hash, HMAC and AES function

Ton Plomp

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Cryptography is nice, but also implies some levels if security that are used when handling data passed to the methods which most definitely can't be satisfied in G code. I'd say encryption or even simply hashing is a more honest description.

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Maybe some more could be added aswell. I say

- AES, http://www.soslabvie...library-labview

- HillCipher, available also somewhere on the web

- CeasarCipher (easy)

- Blowfish

-edit- oh and the output of the md5 and SHA VI's have to be the same in my opinion. I believe the VI's of Ton have 3 different output formats.

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Question what exactly needs to be done before the code gets reviewed for OpenG? I guess that the diagrams need some cleaning up. But anything else?

I have already discussed this offline with Ton.

After some minor changes that Ton wants to make the package will be submitted for review by OpenG.

So the ball is already rolling...

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