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LabVIEW Debugging Window


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No, do you have any extra "debugging keys setup in your LabVIEW.ini file.


I was working with some code calling dll's, the only difference was this popped up on my 64-bit OS install but not my 32-bit OS install (both Win7 with 32-bit LabVIEW 2009).

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Well, according to what it says, you can get it by calling a specific function from a CIN, but you should keep in mind that CINs are generally legacy tech, so it's possible that something would have stopped working in newer versions. Personally I never saw this window, but I don't really use CINs.


If you want a simple debug window, you can do something as simple as VI which takes in a string input and concatenates it to a string indicator, which is the log. You set the VI to show the FP when called and you're done. Of course, you could get a lot fancier with loggers and debuggers and have levels, daemons, logging to disk, etc. There are various loggers available online.

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My original file is 10.1 kBytes and the downloaded one is 4.16 so it appears something is stripped out.


to recreate:


1) drop a CLFN, choose 'LabVIEW' as the library name and click run in any thread.

2) make the output parameter a 32-bit signed integer

3) add a string input parameter with default settings.

4) wire and enjoy.


I kind of like it sometimes when debugging myself.  I am always closing a BD window and killing probes.

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