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I've used the Wiki to

  • document the different XControls capabilities (some observations and tricks).
  • document the Code Capture Tool
  • document Mercurial integration

These are items that go beyond the LabVIEW help and is stuff I would share on our internal Wiki, however by sharing it public this information is widely available.


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There was some talk at the BBQ of some revamp work of the LabVIEW Wiki and want to volunteer my services. What I wanted to understand is what do we prioritise, are we just trying to repeat the LabVIEW help, or keep tips and tricks or some combination of the two? Either way I might try and start on some of the stubs.

Excellent timing! There was a meeting of the minds of a few prominant LAVA-ites on Wednesday to start making this a priority. The new LabVIEWwiki fearless leaders are our very own David Corney and Mark Yedanik (assisted by Mike, me and Chris Roebuck). I suggest anyone interested PM Dave and Mark to get on the team.

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Is there a link to the wiki from LAVA? Perhaps there should be a prominent one. I always forget the LabVIEW wiki exists, and had to Google it to find it.

LAVA 1.0 had a link in the bar below the banner - not sure what happened to it. If you want it back, report this tread to get the admin's attention.

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