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I mentioned that I would make an announcement when new account creation will be available. Well, today's the day! I added a google captcha system on the Wiki so it will prevent bot registrations. I think this is working. I haven't seen any spammers for a couple days that it's been running. So if you have the urge to contribute or use the Wiki for your LabVIEW related content, then go right ahead.

There's no restriction at the moment to what content is allowed. As long as it relates to LabVIEW in some way and adds some useful information. There will be ongoing editing of course as content comes in.

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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

Loving this central location of organized and searchable LabVIEW knowledge! (Just like LAVA.😁)

I've made a couple of small contributions to this so far.  Mostly clicking on "Random Article" and reviewing it for typos and broken links.  I set somewhat of a personal goal of trying to do this at least once per workday.  Every little bit helps, right?

Granted, they're not contributions on a grand scale yet, (i.e I'm not creating articles, etc.) but maybe I'll get there.  This is my first time contributing to a Wiki of any kind, so I'm a n00b at it. 

Maybe you are not creating articles but general admin akin to what you are doing is the corner stone of a great Wiki and usually goes unrecognised and un-loved. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you for all of the hours and hard work you folks have donated to make this happen. 

As others do too, I appreciate your splendid efforts!!



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