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(CLA Summit 2013) Your help needed! Tell me your software licensing questions/concerns

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(cross-posted to the NI CLA Forum; you'll need to be a CLA to view that link)


Do you care about software licensing? As evidenced by this exciting thread from last year, some of us (including me) obviously do  :) .


Here's the deal: I'm going to be leading a session at the CLA Summit Americas on Software Licensing. I want to make sure I have the areas of focus dialed in so that everyone gets useful information out of the hour we'll have together.


Whether you're a CLA or not, and whether you're coming to the Summit or not, can you please post software licensing questions or concerns that affect you or your business? This will help me capture as broad an understanding of people as possible.


Here are some seeds to get you thinking:

  • Do your consulting customers ever ask you about licensing issues with your software? What questions do they ask?
  • Have you ever had a project fail due to licensing issues? What was the core hang-up?
  • If you make (or are considering making) LabVIEW add-ons for the LabVIEW Tools Network, is there anything related to licensing that you're kind of stuck or can't understand?
  • Software licensing is a big topic with lots of tricky details. What do you feel like you just don't understand?



P.S. If you have some licensing question or story that you'd rather not share publicly for some reason, feel free to PM it to me!

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    • By Aristos Queue
      The 2018 Americas CLA Summit will be September 12-14 (Wed to Fri). As we say every year: the volunteer organizers can plan the event, reserve the space at NI, and invite the CLAs, but without content from the community, the CLA Summit cannot happen. We need your input!
      Please click here to fill out the application to present.
      Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2018
      Presentation Options
      We are making a few changes to the overall 2018 format in response to community feedback, but the three types of presentations remain the same as for 2017. We hope we can accommodate the kind of presentation you are comfortable presenting!
      Large Audience, 50 minutes: You will present once to the entire conference, expected to be ~250 CLAs. These are good for lecture-style presentations with big graphics. Small Audience, 50 minutes: You will present at most twice on the same day (only once if we have enough submissions). You will be addressing 2 different small audiences of ~50 CLAs. These are good for demo-oriented presentations with more of a Q&A style. Large Audience, 7 minutes: You will present once to the entire conference as part of a 7x7 rapid-fire topic presentation. Have your presentation rehearsed exactly as the 7 minutes is a hard cutoff! We will have a 7x7 on each of Wednesday and Thursday, and we prefer that the presentations be on that day’s theme.  
      There will be two themes for the 2018 Americas CLA Summit, one on each of the two main days.
      Wednesday: Solutions to Complicated Programming Problems
      In this theme, we want to hear about solutions to the most difficult problems you have encountered while developing applications, specifically with the actual code design.  We are looking for topics that present the context of the problem and discuss the solution that you came up with.
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    • By smidsy
      I would like to implement a Run-time license checking mechanism that will enable or disable some parts of my LabVIEW API depending on a license status. 
      After reading numerous discussions here on the forum (We need a new password cracker :( , Low level VI data editor (warning: not for production use!) , I found some more hidden INI keys, Password Security in LabVIEW) I realised few things:
      - reverse engineering in a LabVIEW-related field seems to be a doable task for some smart people, 
      - password protection on block diagrams does not protect your IP, it is more of a "read-only" or a "private property" sign,
      - removing block diagrams or compiling it into an executable are the ways to go, and finally,
      - there are few tools out there, that seem to have a potential to "unflatten" VI data and modify/extract its data even without block diagrams.
      Back to my task. I decided to remove block diagrams. Inside my protected VI I call an external library that does the actual license checking. So the code only gets this status and returns it back to other VIs. Then the VIs do not perform their main functions, and the user gets an error. 
      Do you think I am safe here?
      Is it possible to extract sensitive string information out of my VIs (without BD)?
      Is there a way to change wiring rules/connector pane on my VIs?
      Should I worry about DLL hijacking? 
      Does NI have some kind of a tutorial for protecting your run-time API? 
      How do you protect your API knowing all that? Do you sleep well?
    • By NATE
      CLA Summit 2014 Theme: You Call It
      We're going to try something different this year for the 2014 CLA Americas Summit.  There was no clear winner in the topic selection voting, so we want you to present on whatever topic you're most interested in!  From the presentation abstracts that are submitted, we'll look for common topics and schedule them together to form mini-tracks.  Depending on the number of volunteer presenters, we'll either select those that receive the most likes on the forum, or we may decide to schedule tracks in parallel.
      See full post here: https://decibel.ni.com/content/message/62947#62947
      Can't see the page?  Please join the NI CLA Community page!
      As presentation abstracts are submitted, feel free to "like" them so we can gage community interest.
      Thanks for stepping up to present!  I can't wait to find out what you have in store for the next CLA Summit.  Should be exciting!
    • By NATE
      You say the CLA summit has great return on investment, show me the money!   We're looking for testimonies from past CLA Summit attendees on tangible ways you or your company have benefited from something learned or discussed at the CLA Summit: improved architectures, processes, bug fixes, new features.   How has the CLA Summit made you more profitable?   I'll be compiling your testimonies and based on the responses determine the best way to present them to the community. Would love to have people volunteer to share their experiences and savings at the next Summit. This might become a regular part of future summits. Email them to me at nate@themoehrings.com.   Thanks!  
    • By studiobods
      Have a look to this brand new toolkit for LabVIEW if you are interested to distribute LabVIEW executable with advanced licensing, automatic update capabilities and a lot more amazing features.   BLT for LabVIEW (Building, Licensing and Tracking) http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/211731     BLT for LabVIEW is a stand-alone program you can use to distribute LabVIEW applications for commercial use in a few clicks.   License your own LabVIEW application in a few clicks - no coding required Automatically (and remotely) update your applications when you make changes in your LabVIEW code Automate the build process for your LabVIEW executables Get user activity reports and error logs so you can remotely debug your program Use BLT scripting to remotely execute actions on a deployed computer, e.g., update LabVIEW RT Engine Disable parts of your code with features definitions

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