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cRIO ProfiNet IO C - Series

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Just recently I bought the cRIO Profinet IO C - Series module, it came with a CD so first thing I did was install whatever necessary from the CD into my computer.
Next thing I did was follow every single step provided from
except for Step 3 where it ask me to import my GmBH file into the native software  of my other controller (the example uses Siemen S7 HW config) which I want to communicate to because that other controller is still not available for me.
Before the other controller becomes available, I need to make sure that this module is working as needed.
However, at the fourth step I am stuck due the inability to compile the FPGA Example attached with the Comsoft installer CD that came along with the module.
first I tried with the Ethernet RIO NI-9146, then I thought maybe the error was due to the absence of a controller.
I switched to cRIO-9014 just to make sure, and the same error pops up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated


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