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The images acquired from Vision acquisition are not the same as the test preview when done with different Exposure values

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I need to take three pictures with different exposure values. I used vision acquisition for this. I tried using the finite acquisition but I could not find a way to set a different exposure value for different pictures. I used the single acquisition 3 times in a flat sequence with 2 seconds of gap. When I take a test picture with vision acquisition it looks fine but when I run it in the program, they are not at all the same. Sometimes two pictures are the same, sometimes it is just white and sometimes the higher exposure value is brighter than the lower one.

Help please


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Not sure about the exposure, but if you want 2 seconds delay between acquisitions, you'll need to change something. One way is to wire the Error Out of the first acquisition into a single-frame sequence that only has the Wait (ms). Then wire the error wire through that frame and into the second acquisition.


Does the Vision Assistant allow you to right-click and "convert to code", or so?

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No it doesn't provide allow to change it to VI . I would like to take the pictures with as little delay as possible. I just put 2 seconds to try it. I tried what you said but it didn't work.

And everytime it is a random error:

I have attached the errors here
In Error1, the picture is just white. No image.

In Error2, the one with the lowest exposure has the brightest image.
Any ideas?





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Turns out instead of delaying, I should have taken more pictures because the camera needed time to adjust to the new exposure.
Putting it in a while loop for a few iterations and using the last image solved this. 
Thanks for your help :)


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