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openG libraries on computer that cannot be connected to the internet

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I have installed JKI VI Package Manager on my laptop running Windows 7, and everything is working fine. The problem is, we have a desktop computer in the lab which we are not allowed to connect to the internet because it contains sensitive patient information. However, I need to run the labVIEW program that I have successfully made work on my laptop (with the help of the VI Package Manager), on the desktop computer. I am not able to process this data on my laptop due to memory and speed problems.


I installed everything that I needed on my laptop with the helpful instructions on this page:



Without the internet, I have managed to install on the offline desktop:

1. the VI Package Manager,

2. Matio,

3. a 2011 Run-time engine that the VI Package Manager told me I needed (I also needed it for my laptop),

4. The following required Library: http://sourceforge.net/projects/opengtoolkit/


To accomplish the above on the desktop, I followed the exact same steps that were used on my laptop, but since I am not on the internet with the desktop, the VI Package Manager cannot connect to tell me what other openG libraries I need to solve the 'dependencies' problems I am encountering.


A list of all the Libraries listed on my laptop under the VI Package Manager is below. Is there a way that I can get all of these onto the desktop? Some way I can transfer and replace a folder(s), so that I can have these dependency problems sorted out?


Thank you so much for your help!!


Kind regards,



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So a couple things.  If you have a professional version of VIPM on your laptop you can create a VIPC file that contains multiple packages.  This will create a single file that can be double clicked on any computer without the internet and it will install all the packages just as if you got them from the internet.


If you don't have the professional version of VIPM you can still copy the individual package files from your laptop and bring them over.  Go to C:ProgramDataJKIVIPMcache to find all the packages that have been locally downloaded.  This path is for Windows 7 and maybe slightly different for other OSs.  You can then install these package files on your other PC by going to File >> Open Package File(s) and selecting all the files at once.

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