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Getting stuck when installing the installer I built!

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Hello, all!  I am new to the forum.  I've been working on and off in LabVIEW development.  One of my projects requires that I build a VI to download information from a PLC.  The information is laid out in an excel file, where a macro is programmatically ran to convert the info for a more user-friendly look and read.


When I packaged the VI into an executable and an installer, it's all smooth sailing.  However, when I tested out the installer on multiple computers (with no LV or LV-RTE), a few took 5-to-10 minutes to finish installation.  Others got stuck early in the install process...commonly when the process is installing "Microsoft Run Time Engine".  On one computer, the installation process was cancelled and restarted multiple times without success.  Then, the next morning (after a reboot), the installation worked without issue.  On another computer, I did the whole "install-cancel-restart install" process.  After three times, I checked the task manager and noticed there were equally as many msiexec.exe files still running even after the installations had all been cancelled and closed.  I ended all of the msiexec.exe processes, ran the installation again, and it ran smoothly from 0 to 100%.


Although it's great that I got the installer to go through smoothly after ending the msiexec process, this cannot do as the solution to get through a full installation.


Has anyone ever run into this issue?

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What OS are you using?  What .NET versions are installed?  I've seen some kind of issues when on a fresh XP machine that has only a couple versions of .NET (say 1.0 and 1.5) but the NI installers require some first, and then you need several others that NI installs for things like MAX.  I don't know if this will fix your issue or not but you can try to install all .NET components first separately and then try again.  I'm guessing that's what the "Microsoft Run Time Engine" is referring to.

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