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I am currently developing a scope that displays live data from a test rig. The scope is accessible via remote panels. Tests normally run for many hours at a time, when monitoring the scope after several hours of running I notice that the data on the chart displayed via the remote panel is not in sync with what can be seen on the actual 'server' vi. The delay also seems to be getting bigger as time goes on. I also display the current data points in an indicator; however these seem to be in sync and 'current'.

The scope is part of a built application and I am using labVIEW 2012 f3 to develop it.

I know that there is an issue with synchronizing front panel appearances when using remote panels in built applications but I think I have got around that by re-applying panel changes when a new client connects. Also on every execution of the VI, I defer panel updates make all my updates to controls including the chart in question, force draw the chart and then re-enable panel updates.

I would really appreciate if anyone that has experienced this sort of issue could share a possible solution/work around.


Thanks in advance.

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