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Communication between two Application(LV10 & LV 14 ) OOP

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Hello Everyone,

i am creating a LabVIEW Application in OOP  that communicate with two different version of LabView(10 & 14) through TCP\IP..

In procedural programming I do by converting cluster data to string(Flatten to string) but in OOP should I also use class and Flatten to string function? whether i will receive correct information.?


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This does work, I have used it many times.  Anecdotally, the main issue I have run into when flattening classes to string is getting the versions correct on both sides.  If you have changed the class in one app but not another, you can get a 1403 error in certain cases (LabVIEW:  Attempted to read flattened data of a LabVIEW class. The data is corrupt. LabVIEW could not interpret the data as any valid flattened LabVIEW class.).  

Some additional reading on the subject:
LAVA Thread



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Even without oop NI sometimes changes the internal type information. Data from 2010 to 2014 should (probably) be unflattened fine, but 2014 to 2010 may not work at all. This KB is what I've used to handle 2014->2013 communication.


I dont know how this works with oop. However with objects I almost always add a 'flatten' and 'unflatten' for the object which generates a custom format string and never deal with the automatic stuff.

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