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How to generate a cRIO project programmatically


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Hello everyone,

I’m not sure which forum is the right one which is why I created two new topics with the same content (one in Embedded and one in VI Scripting) – so sorry for the spamming.


I have two questions:

  1. How can I generate a cRIO project programmatically?

  2. How can I start the “Discovering Devices tool of the Project Wizard automatically?


At first I will describe a bit more what I really want to do:

I’m about to write an auto coder which should create a complete new FPGA project on my cRIO system without any user input. In the Project Wizard I want to run the “System Setup” from NI standalone. In that mask the NI project need some input like project type which is always a cRIO Embedded System. The next step is to insert an IP address to discover an existing system.

As those two steps are every time with the same input, I want to give them those parameters so that everything runs automatically.


Is there anybody who can help?


Thanks a lot!!

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