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  • 7 months later...

Another year, another tiny bit of progress.

I have modified my overall architecture to use my current Actor based framework.

Next step is to have control over Player 2, implement the basic weapons and then start to implement the AI. Lots of great stuff still to get stuck into.

LabMelee v2 2018_07_06 22_44_28.mp4

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  • Text rendering to hardware accelerated texture
  • Time based animation and physics
  • Race and captain strings in sidebar
  • Three players! (Not really sure if this is sensible as it is going to complicate the AI, just was easy to implement, could actually do N players in current framework)
  • Three-layer parallax scrolling stars
  • Thrust dots
  • Lots of code tidy-ups

LabMelee v2 2018_07_13 20_08_11.mp4

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I had not thought to use the high-res mods as they didn't seem to fit in with the style of the original. However, I did a quick test using the Mega Mod 0.8 that you linked to (thanks!) and actually I quite like it, do you think they are better?

Now, if I do use these I probably should also implement the multiple zoom factor thing as the "big" pictures are definitely too big now (but perfect for the fully zoomed in view).


2018-07-21 18-00-50.flv

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  • 3 weeks later...

Been trying to implement a scrolling camera with wrap around world. Seemingly simple stuff which just seems to get complicated quite quickly! 

Anybody want to try and crack this for me? I have a bunch of unit tests set up, it passes all the simple ones but falls over when dealing with some of the wrap around. 

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