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lies, damn lies, and VI help documentation


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So, according to this NI document


It should be possible to link a .chm file into your executable so that a user can choose Help > Help for This VI.  Well, I followed the advice, and no dice.  Here is my LV2017-64bit attempt.  In the development environment, it works fine, but in the executable Help for This VI is grayed out.  The .chm file is a poor excuse, and unrelated to this VI, but never mind that, it's not the problem here.







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Don't use this functionality, but the NI Doc reference has a note:



Note  If you link from VIs to HTML files or compiled help files and you use the VIs to build a stand-alone application, you must include the files as source files when you build the application.


Maybe the exe is expecting to find the help file in the support directory?

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