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VI server exported list of VI

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Hello all,

Is there any of you ever be able to push more than 30 VI in the exported VI list of VI server?

I think I found a bug that is there since at least LabVIEW 2011.

WAIT... don't answer the easy one... "export all VI"... if you were about to answer that, that means you are not developing a safe application. :P

Thanks for any help.



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OK I just found a way...

Using wild card "*vi name or library name*"

Here is what I did:

Since I have over 2000 VI on that project with over 60 different library

Since many library has some VI that need to be accessible by VI-Server for external application

I have created a sub library named: "Publish_VI.lvlib" in every library that need to publish one or more vi.

In the list ov VI to publish by VI Server I have only one entry to put for any VI to be published: +*Publish_VI.lvlib*


This way if I need to add any other VI, i just need to add it to the sub library of any object "Publish_VI.lvlib" and it is automatically available without any further configuration.

Sometimes problem create opportunity to improve the overall system.

vi list.png

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5 hours ago, Benoit said:

I use both Ni and Lava org when it is related to NI design or limitation. Because NI will recognize only their forum for support.

There is no rule anywhere that forbids you to post in multiple places. There is however a rule at least here on Lava that asks people to mention in a post, if they posted the same elsewhere. That is meant as a courtesy to other readers who might later come across a post, so they know where to look for potential additional answers/solutions.

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