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How to let the user use buttons when in the event structure

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I have a simple program which has only 2 buttons for the user interface. When the user clicks OK I want the program to get into the event structure case called "OK Button". Once it is inside there is a loop which continuously waits for 1 second until "Stop Button" is called from the user. 

But because once the user presses the "OK Button" the program gets into the event and therefore I can not call the "Stop Button". 

Is there a way to call the "Stop Button" even if the program is inside the event ?





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It is advisable to make the events handled by the Event structure as short of execution time as possible - it should only handle the fact that the user event occurred, not all of the things which come after the user event. Pass appropriate data to another loop to handle it properly.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to be able to access UI artifacts at all times, set up your event case not to lock the panel (add case/edit event case, un-check "Lock panel").

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