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3rd party PXI chassis problem NI MAX

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Hello fellow LabVIEWers,

I am trying to get a self developed PXI chassis up and running - with some problems.


As this is this my first time developing a chassis, some general questions about 3rd party chassis:

  1. If I want to get a 3rd party PXI chassis up and running with MAX I just need to add the right description files into the right folder?
  2. otherwise the chassis will be recognized as "undefined"? but will still work - except triggers?


Whats my status right now?

  • Chassis is connected via PCIe 8361 - PXIe 8360 and the Connection seems to work
  • Chassis seems to work and inserted cards get recognized by MAX and "self test" works
  • Chassis seems to get recognized with the Keysight Resource Manager (I installed it and selected it in NI MAX)
  • no unknown devices in windows device manager (so the NI SMBus Controller gets recognized correctly)


btw my actual SW installation:
PXI Services 17.5.1
MAX 17.5
VISA 17.5
DAQ 17.5
LV 17f2

I am open for any suggestions and tipps!




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if you want a 3rd party pxi chassis you just need right files to right folder and i dont khnow understood about your second question can you explain your question more easily

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